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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Natural Forces: An Enormous Hole Found In Sumatera

Apparently, this biggest diameter hole made ever has been spotted in Sumatera due to the recent earthquake. Lemme bring you to the reality if you cannot go beyond your imagination and you are having a fixated mind. 

Is this a close-up shot or it was taken from afar? If you haven't notice already, the chopper's shadow is actually 'in' the hole. So bring your imagination go wild and tell me how big it is.

*Looking into the hole*....."Hello, is anybody home? Are you E.T. dropping us a courtesy visit to make sure all mankind are in the pink of health?"


So deep, oh so deep, yes, indeed it's really deep and DARK. 

Dude 1: Hey, friend. Our boss asked us to investigate what is deep down in there. You go first, please. 
Dude 2: No no no. I am fatter and have a big bulge which will deter me from climbing down the rope. 
Dude 1: Where can. I just sprained my ankle yesterday and I am not fit to perform this task. You go better. 
Dude 2: But I think I have dislocated arm while I was trying to play with my kitty this early morning before the earthquake struck. 

OH well....can anyone from behind do them a favour by offering them a nice and firm kick in their asses into the hole? LOL....


Thomas Lee said...

Hi! In which part of Sumatera did the hole appeared?

Boss Daniel said...

Hmm... I see something is happening. #2012

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