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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life: My First and Last Bachelor's Degree Convocation in UUM

P/S: Something in me triggers me to write this post in Bahasa Malaysia (BM) today. Pardon my poor BM as I have abandoned this language long time ago since I left Form 5. I have always been rather poor in BM especially the peribahasa and simpulan bahasa thingy which I hated the most. And the good news is I need not use BM during my Sixth Form. Phew!!! Can you imagine learning Biology and Chemistry in BM? It's gonna be god damn tough, man. You're not going to like it!!! 

Please excuse my BM here because it has been deteriorating since and still deteriorating. Why? Simple. I never planned to beef up my BM skill. LOL. The proof: Read along and you will realise how bad and disastrous it is.

Akhirnya, hari yang dinanti-nantikan sudah tiba. Ibubapa saya tampak sangat beria-ia dan bersedia untuk menghadiri hari yang dianggap hari kebesaran kepada ibubapa yang meletakkan harapan pada anak mereka. Bapa saya pertama kali membeli baju dan tali leher baru sejak perkahwinannya yang berlangsung 25 tahun dahulu. Pada Sabtu lalu, kami sekeluarga bertolak ke Stareast (Bridal House) di Bukit Mertajam (BM) untuk mengambil gambar bertema "Graduation". Bayarannya hanya RM188 (tidak termasuk bingkai gambar dan hanya 5 gambar dipilih) iaitu setimpal dengan kualiti fotografi dan kualiti gambar. Sesi penggambaran itu berlangsung untuk satu setengah jam dan memenatkan. Jurugambar-jurugambar suruh bapa saya membuat gaya macam Superman, Tan Sri, Batman. Macam-macam. Sweat. Gambar belum keluar lagi. Ahad ini kami sekeluarga akan ke studio Stareast untuk memilih gambar untuk dicuci. Kami memang mengharapkan muka kami tidak macam mayat. LOL. 

 My sister's Mock Graduation Photo. Haha. 

Keesokan hari pula, kami bertolak ke UUM pada pukul 10 pagi untuk menghadari Konvokesyen Ke-23, Sesi Pertama yang berlangsung untuk tiga hari berturut-turut dari 27-29 March 2010. Walaupun jubah saya nampak hodoh dan mortarboard terlalu kecil untuk kepala besar saya, ibu bapa saya sangat gembira kerana akhirnya anak mereka sudah graduate. Hari ini juga merupakan hari yang amat bermakna kepada saya kerana inilah hari yang dinanti-nantikan selepas 3 tahun meringkuk di dalam penjara hutan. Walaupun ditemani monyet-monyet sekalian, saya tetap berasa bosan dan tidak bersabar-sabar untuk "berhijrah" balik ke Pulau Pinang. Hehe. Tetiba di perkarangan UUM, saya tidak dapat menahan keinginan saya untuk bergambar di depan Canselori yang cacat dengan tidak terhingganya kerana ini mungkin peluang terakhir saya untuk bergambar di UUM. Walaupun cuaca panas terik, kami sekeluarga masih bergambar di sana sini. Hahahha. 

I can barely open my eyes. My eyes looked like Mashi Maro under the scorching sun. 

 With my family members and behind us is the so-called ugly Chancellery Building

Selepas berpenat bergambar di bawah matahari terik, tiba masanya untuk para graduan berkumpul di Dewan TSO pada pukul 1.30pm. Kedudukan para graduan akan diatur mengikut kursus. Pada masa yang sama, nama First Class students akan dipanggil untuk menerima pingat emas dan sijil emas sebelum masuk ke Dewan MAS. Selepas itu, kami diarahkan untuk masuk ke Dewan MAS mengikut aturan yang disusun oleh staf-staf UUM. Di dalam Dewan MAS, ibubapa dikhususkan hanya duduk di belakang dan atas dewan dan para graduan di tengah manakala staf UUM ditempatkan di barisan hadapan. Scroll kami diterima di atas pentas dari Tan Sri, Pro Canselor UUM. Memandangkan kami merupakan batch pertama dan yang terawal untuk graduate, bilangan graduan kursus Pengurusan Operasi hanya terhad kepada 4 orang. Tetapi saya amat berbangga dan ingin mengucapkan tahniah kepada 3 orang ahli coursemate yang berjaya menamatkan kursus ini iaitu Arul Jothi (First Class), Leong Pei Yee (First Class) dan Aqilah (Second Class Upper). Tahniah!!!  

 Congratulations to Pei Yee (First Class). Salute, salute, salute

 Congratulations to Arul Jothi (First Class). Clap, clap, clap

Bread face again. I need some face lift or Botox. LOL 

Sesi pengambilan scroll akhirnya tamat pada pukul 6pm selepas nyanyian "Negaraku" and "Lagu UUM". Time untuk memulangkan jubah!!! And sayonara to UUM. 

 Me and my sister

Hope the next time I am back is for Master's Degree or PhD. Haha. 

I need to down with some 100 plus now. I didn't know writing in BM could be so difficult. Looking at my BM standard, I understand why I do not know how to differentiate kepala and kelapa or bapa dan bapuk.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Entertainment: Worst Hollywood Celebrities Fashion Faux Pas

Golden Globes Awards has just made it into history a few weeks ago but I missed it! Argh...So I made my first attempt to get some glimpses on the award winners until something else actually caught my sight - celebrities fashion offenders! Simon Powell will definitely take the pleasure in giving his downright ugly comments, while Paula Abdul thinks she possessed the hottest body in Hollywood and Randy, never fails to be the good guy.

Anna Paquin

Simon Cowell: What a god-awful lame-gold dress you picked. Is that your mum's? And the shoes.....FAIL FAIL FAIL

Paula Abdul: The dress texture will suit my 70's hot pants perfectly!

Randy Jackson: Please go home. This seems like a mockery of fashion industry. 

Julianne Moore
Simon Cowell: What is that? The extremely ugliness of your dress has outdone your ugliness. This is downright ugly!

Paula Abdul: I have to agree with Simon this time. The furry trimmed that drooped down around your shoulders were a disaster. 

Randy: Security, please remove this lady from the red carpet. 

Elisabeth Moss
Simon Cowell: Opps....both your straps slipped off from your shoulders. Naw....I am just trying to be nice. 

Paula Abdul: You gave a hearty laugh!!! LOL

Randy: Even Barbie has a prettier dress. 

Tina Feys

Simon Cowell: What's wrong with you, Tina? You're not at a funeral!!! And the weather is fine out there but you don't look fine. Careful, watch out for people. You might poke their eyes by chance with the umbrella spikes!

Paula: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Trying to feature in Rihanna's Umbrella music video? No freaking way!

Randy: I heart went flatlined the moment I saw this shockingly ridiculous dress!

Mariah Carey

Simon: I would say that your dress is gonna explode in 3, 2, 1.....*cover his face with his palms*

Paula: A definite contender for worst dress worn on red carpet. 

Randy: Mariah, despite of having an amazing voice, you do not have talent in fashion. 


Simon: Cher, you're cordially being invited to attend my this year's Halloween Party. Do not disappoint me shall you. 

Paula: Wow, your gothic get-up makes you like a runway ghost from "Thriller". Well done. 

Randy: Next please. *yawn*

Julia Roberts

Simon: Going anywhere, Jul? I didn't know you took up a part-time job in the office. 

Paula: Please be quiet, everyone. Our lady boss is storming in in black formal dress. 

Randy: Definitely not arousing!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Humour: Idiotic Things That Idiot Folks Do

Just for laughter and a dose of  endorphin........

No doubt these two stooges play too much computer games......the aftermath - they are addicted

Here's how thou shalt jump when you're hit by a trailer
This boy thinks he is cute if he can pee like a hydrant

Each of the thousands hands of a Golden Buddha statue has an eye on each palm but sometimes things can go wrong - the Golden Buddha statue has a ciggie on each of its palm
Kid: Mum, I saw a real life spongebob over the street there
Mum: Stop jabbering about spongebob all day. He is just a character from a cartoon, honey
Kid: I swear to God I see it, mum. Look! 
Mum: Oh! You're right, honey. Just that....he doesn't have shoes!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Bill Clinton, Then Dr Chua Soi Lek, Later Tiger Woods and Now Jack Neo...

But the question is, how long will these surprising breaking news last? Their public adulation have cast shadows over their careers? Just because they are well-known, racking up multiple women do not seem good on them but if you put this peccadilloes in an average man, it will serve nothing but nothing. No one will even give a damn whether you are poking a whore, or a random chick. Well, what can I say. Men are programmed evolutionary to sleep around and majority of them are polygamous. Not to say I agree with the idea of polygamy (count me out), but from the evolutionary standpoint, men are like animals. Animals copulate to generate more new generations to deter the species being extinct. So as human. Men bed hopping around to survive and reproduce to exert maximum productions. But there is definitely one thing that human can't be compared to animals that we have moral and ethic values. There are what make us so different from other species as we are able to differentiate the rights and wrongs. Humping the other woman when you have wonderful woman at home is not wonderful at all. Humping the other woman in the backseat of the car is even more heartless as your kids will be sitting at the rear sits on Sundays. Humping the other woman who is 22 years old will not prove that you are a real man because what makes you worth is you already had four children. 

Errr....can someone please show me which is my mum? I am so confused. Dad, please help!
Jack Neo is being likened to Tiger Woods when the number of involved women has been escalating. Many people (including fans) think he has been a good husband and leading an impeccable family life and who is supposed to inject some family values with sense of humour in his movies. There was a speculation that he will be selected to run for the next election. If this has been true, it seems like isn't lucky enough to be in that position. While many women cannot accept his infidelity, most men figure this being adulterous is common in entertainment arena, hence, acceptable.

Oh, c'mon, honey. You don't have to hide this panties at the backseat. Awww....thanks but I don't wear kiddie panties. Opsss....

Ever wonder if Jack will make a comeback after his exposed scandalous sex life cool off? Will his fans out there agree if he made a comeback with more folksy humour scenes? I believe most of the people, either Malaysians or Singaporeans will forget regard to his infidelity soon enough to accept him back into the society. He is a talented man and he will be given another chance to prove himself and most importantly he is remorseful over his misdeeds. But, again, he was slammed by the media and netizens when he is contemplating to remake his love affair into a movie. Isn't the current situation is damage enough? Now it's the time you salvage your 27 years of marriage and spend quality time with your family.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Travel: The Marvelous Grand Opening of 5-Star Atlantis Hotel, Dubai

Lavish, extravagant and breathtaking grand opening of The Atlantis Hotel in Dubai attended by some 2,000 VIP guests was held for four days while Kylie Minogue performed on the first day of the opening. How I wish that I will have the chance to be there! Neh, I am not a VIP, ok. And believe it or not, it gonna burn your account bank book with $35K per night not to mention that is the cheapest room you can get. The $1.5 billion mega resort with 1,539 rooms is the first resort to open on Dubai's man-made Palm Jumeirah island and threw a multi-million dollars on extravagant opening ceremony. Hmph...seems like they aren't feel even a bit affect by the global financial collapsed. 

Four Michelin-starred chefs masterminded the food with the help from 500 sous chefs and 1000 waiters.And it is said that the event is celebrated with a feast of 4000 lobsters! Jesus!!! The Atlantis has an aquarium big enough for 65,000 fish and a whale shark. A tank affords guests the chance to swim with a dolphin. Two suites, occupied last night by Theron and Lohan, stretch over three floors, with views directly into the aquarium. Staff said since the hotel began business on September 24, it had enjoyed 80% capacity.

From the outside

From the inside

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Life: I Have Complicated Life or I Make It Complicated?

I have been trapped in this dilemma for too long that I could not even remember when it first started. Many people advise me while I am in a relationship, enjoy the joyous, precious and memorable moment together. Yes, it is true. I could never deny that but love is love. We need to do reality check from time to time. Tonnes of worries clouded my mind when I was thinking to commit myself in a relationship. Friends told me I think too much, colleagues said that just go with the flow, my heart tells me please come back to reality, and, and, and....I am just too confused. Honestly, my thoughts is rather orthodox and so unconventional. For me, I love being fed than to fed. 

 If I planned to go on a long journey with this guy, I have to consider this:
- his earnings is lesser than mine for now. Yes, for now it's okay but will the figure in the pay check will not increase much or that's it. That's his limitations. Without a preferred education level these days is a disadvantage and of course, your pay will never be good.
- i am pursuing my master's degree in a few months time and I hope (crossing my fingers) to graduate with MBA soon and he is only a high school graduate. Obviously, there is going to be gaps between us - communication, understanding, perception, knowledge, maturity, etc. The question is, will the relationship survive or it will just be another history?
- my parents will never wanted to accept him if his qualification is so much lower than mine. My cousin's wife left him because they weren't level headed. His wife has a PhD whereas he himself only has a basic degree. At times, his wife thinks he does not fathom what she meant and he never gets her right when it comes to understanding. 

Do I abandon this relationship or do I foresee everything and proceed? 
Will my future be better without him or removing him out from the picture is a better start? 
I don't want a househusband in the future, definitely. I want him to be the man of the house and is wise enough to make his own decisions. 
Hmph....I make my life complicated isn't it?