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Monday, May 31, 2010

Happening: Hennessy Artistry at QEII, Penang (27-May-10)

The long awaited event is here again in TOWN!!! It is again held in QEII, Penang on 27 May 2010! Perfect timing for most people who ain't working on the next day as it is declared as Malaysia's Public Holiday, Wesak Day! Yoo hoo....this means we can partayyyy all night long! This by-invitation only party has definitely draw large crowd from every nook and cranny of the small Penang island. Could you believe the event is fully RSVP-ed in only one day?! 

Catch Summer Daniels ; DJ Tempo, Sona One ; Joe Flizzow and Ad Banger in TOWN. You get to watch them live!

If you haven't know what HA event is, please go to the link below to find out more:

Lucky me that I do not have to worry about the ticket entrance as I was announced winner for the Twitter contest! The online contest was simple and it's not like some science mind-blogging questions. Just tweet what is your fave Hennessy Artistry moment to win! 

The prize? Neh, nothing worth more than the 5 invitation passes. Seriously, who will you invite if you have another 4 extra passes? I was eyeballing and cracking my head who must I invite as most of my friends are not in Penang! You guys shouldn't hide in KL and overseas lor. Haha. But still managed to grab some acquaintances for the event. Don't wanna waste the free tics ma. 

HA was really bad managed at the beginning of the stage and I was so darn dissatisfied with the way they handle their winners. Ya, damn I know being a winner isn't great after all compare to Triple H toppled down his opponent with only one hand. But hell, they should have contact the winner 2 days ahead to give some time allowance to collect the ticket or even give their details earlier. The organizer came to the winner at a very last minute, say like a few hours earlier before the event actually kick starts! And the worse part is, they messed up my friends' names, and guess what? Their names ain't in the guests list. Funny! I gave their names earlier, don't I? But lucky thing they still allow me friends to go thru.

Sona One is bringing the house down with the crowd jumping up and down like sardines! LOL

Moving through, moving through! Making a beeline to grab free-flow drinks! The Hennessy Citrus was the best! Maximus! 

Seriously, this event entrance style is kinda misleading! Haha. They treat the guests as if we are like a one-day celebs with those red carpet, photographers everywhere, never stop taking each and every little action you do. 

Even you dance like SHIT, accidentally fling and display your unshaven armpits, there is still photographers non-stop capturing that UGLY moment. LOL. 

But overall, the event was just so-so and was really overrated by me. I think it's gonna be a blast and you can shake your booty like siao-ness but too sad lah, all Penang kias very pai seh lar. So those who were there, you can witness many sticks or cha sticking out from every corner of the club. Sona One was sweating like a pig to save the  boring atmosphere to a disaster and you don't give a damn? Haha....so do I la. I was one of the cha also cause no one seems to be bothered to shake their ass!

Been there, seen that, experienced that. First and the last time attending! Guess it's time to retire from all this craziness. For good!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Humour: Pizza Delivery Service Is Always At Its Best Service to Keep the Pizza Warm

Shopping: Cheap Branded EDT/Comforters/Sportswear/Inner Wear at Sunshine Warehouse Sales

This promotion advertisement landed in my junk mail a day ago and I did not give a darn about it until.....today when my colleagues and I were having McD's at Bayan Baru. Viola...the so-called warehouse sales starts today. What a coincidence!

The good sign is - I get to buy branded EDT sprays at knock-out price. You can get latest Hugo Boss edition, Escada limited edition, Calvin Klien, Anna Sui perfumes from RM100 - 140 only! Freaking, madly, crazily cheap! Not just that, you can find Nike, Adidas, Burberry etc at goddamn cheap price! Go see for yourself! You want affordable comforters without compromising on the quality? Find it here! For the ladies, it's time to get new bras. LOL.

The downside is - I do not have so much cash but on the other hand, I cannot control my desire to land my hand on one of those sexily designed perfume bottle. Haiz....time to swipe my credit card this time. My dad is gonna kill me if he knows I am spending my future money for a bottle of perfume? Hahaha...the funny part is I rarely use EDT or any body sprays and I have one DKNY at home since last year. Not even a half bottle has gone. Guess this time is impulse buying. 

So I walk up marched up to that sweet smiling lady, and then grinned (siao!) and then, passed me a strip of perfume sample for testing. It took me about half a minute to identify this absolutely tantalizing smell with a sweet summer tropical fruit scene! So well blended! So amazing! So....I can think of beach, sea, summer, coconut juice, straw hat now. 

Quickly I took a glance looking out for this sweet redcurrant perfume name - Ahhh.......ESCADA limited edition! Without thinking and also at the same time under my friend's influence, I bought one for myself and she has a bottle for herself too! LOL. How much? Only at RM125 for 100ml/ 3.3FL. OZ. See....so cheap nia.....I don't buy expensive stuff one. 

Only RM130 but for every RM80 spent, you're entitle to have RM5 rebate. So total is only RM125.

Ombre-coloured bottle. Aww...so in love.......

The damage? Not much lor.....cheap nia.....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

In-bound Travel: Ostrich Farm in Perlis

1st and 2nd of May are the time where most in-bound holidaymakers plan their trip in conjunction with Labour Day. This does not exclude my parents as well. My dad has already booked a trip to Bangkok on these few days to visit numerous infamous temples seeing himself as a strong Buddhist believer. The religious place intended for devotees to worship Gods has immediately been transformed to refugee camps during the fierce flare-up between the government and protesters in the effort to overthrow the government. So my dad changes his plan and we set off to Padangbesa, which is located some 5km away from Malaysia's well-known bazaar, Padang Besar. 

Just before 30 minutes reaching the Thai border, we manage to pause a middle-sized enclosed field where the big birds are set to roam freely. We manage to have a close-up with the ostriches and they are harmless and friendly. 

A gentle reminder - you might wanna keep your head distance away from the perimeters if you do not want your head to be pecked by those large birds. The admission is free, no souvenir shops are present but only a small round stone table is seen covered with bunches of leaves which serve as food for the ostriches. 1kg of the leaves only costs RM1 and it is hell of too much to feed a dozen of famished ostriches. 

My sister has to hold tightly on the leaf stem as the ostrich chowing down the leaves and juices greedily without noticing he is the only bird there. LOL. 

These ostriches are eyeballing me and demanding for food. Look at those pitiful eyes. They had too much leaves for the day! Many visitors were seen giving away food for them for the past 30 minutes!!!

A female ostrich usually has gray-colored feather coat and the male has black feathers. In those days, ostriches leg tendons are used in surgery to replace damaged and worn off human tendons and their eyes were extensively for experiments and research. Just so you know, an ostrich egg can weigh about 3 pounds. That’s equivalent to 2 dozen chicken eggs. Frankly, with the cute faces of these giant birds, I pledge that I will not eat ostrich meat and egg and never touch stuffs which are made from their body parts - that's including their feathers.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Humour: Who Says Exam Is Stressful? Look At How Creative People Make It Fun!

My friend sent this to me and to make these even seem better, I googled them out bits by bits. Enjoy the darn collections of the amazingly engineered answers by ermm......whoever. 

Genius No. 1 says

Genius No. 2 purported

Genius No. 3 exclaimed

Genius No. 4 answered

Genius No. 5 suggested
Genius No. 6 mentioned

Genius No. 7 thinks

Genius No. 8 drew

Genius No. 9 is indeed a narrator 
Genius No. 10 is indeed a giraffe

Genius No. 11 turns a female reproductive organ into a bear. Great
Genius No. 12 obviously fed up with Math

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Contest: My First Winning in the &^%$# Contest (Tracia Eternal Love)

Okay, I admit. This isn't the first time I am winning a contest. But the previous one was  wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too long from now. I couldn't exactly remember the last time I win myself something but I could remember I got two huge tins of Ovaltines. How I do to get that? Don't be stunned when you come to learn the truth. I copied someone's monkey poem being stranded in a deserted island and waiting for him turn to be rescued. And viola....that poem was publish in the most popular educational kids magazine of the time, Kuntum. Haha. No lar.....actually I wrote that poem la. Still, by chances they managed to "fish" it from the big pond. Hehe. 

You know, I never or simply lazy have any slightest intention to join any contests advertised in the magazines, aired on radio, displayed on blog posts, and any of the leaflets trying to coax buyers to purchase the products to stand chances to win, let's say an iPod? Netbook? Free vouchers? iPhone? Neh...I am never interested simply because:

a) You will only entitle to be in the running to win that freaking prizes when you purchase the products for RM20 and above -  pull some gimmicks cajoling consumers to buy the idiot thing
b) You ought to tall, slim and radiant looking to join certain contests/competitions like Who Want To Be A Model. If you an ugly bitch, then better think of another option - cosmetic surgery. Just remember to do rhinoplasty. 
c) You are required to self produce a video or an advertisement promoting the products - please remember to show the labels more than your own face/faces
d) Demands you to be persistence from the top which means you need to make sure your entries are in weekly, say from Wk 1 to Wk 52 - OMG! That's the whole year. See...that's why I do not even wanna get involve. LOL
e) I am not always lucky because I am unlucky. How on earth could I be chosen as a winner out of &%^@%&^ people? The probability to survive is less and to win is nothing, nathan, nada.
F) I AM PLAIN SKEPTICAL or EVEN CLOUDED BY SHADOW OF DOUBTS that winning a contest is impossible! Or better, a scam! LOL....

But today something has add some ingredients to my fixated mindset. I was informed by e-mail that I won *beaming* consolation prize  for TRACIA ETERNAL LOVE DEDICATION in conjunction for V-Day which was around the corner then. If you wonder why do I join this particular contest even though I am still feeling rather skeptical about this, the reasons are valid (at least). First, I just need to write a dedication to my beau or partner not forgetting to add in some omph effect and a small dose of mushy-mushy ness. LOL. Secondly, grand prize winner will get to travel to Paris with his/her partner. Whoa......so little moolah and yet so grand!! So, here's how I slowly so self-immersed participating in one and only contest as for now. 

It was electrifying to be greeted with such pleasant e-mail early in the morning when you're almost good to be dead to replace that zombie look. Just as I was figuring out what is offered in that Tracia Eternal Gift Pack, wah lah....I found it in the official letter attached. 

Well, it is not iPhone god dammit, it's toiletries products you moron. Haha. But still it is something better than nothing. Puff! Here is some ideas of what it will the toiletries be like:

What I wrote to win? Bah! You wouldn't believe. It was an unrhymed poem that I dedicated to my ex-beau. Yeah, we decided to call it quits a month ago. So thank God I didn't make it to the grand prize to win a trip to Paris or Italy or else I will be going so alone. Haha. Dang!

I reiterate  :

Feeling warmth and pampered, 
When I am wrapped comfortably in your arms.
You give me the sense of security I needed, 
Making me feeling protected and wanted,
Like how I wanted Tracia Body Spray.
My feelings for you will not end today,
But it will be forever like Tracia Eternal. 

This is not exactly sounded like a poem at all. Just a simple message dedicated to special someone perhaps. But hells, I did get something in return. LOL. 

For more mushy-mushy and heart touching poems/messages, you can visit the link below to view 40 consolation prize winners' pieces. Hehe. Go to http://www.eternalluv.com/Contest/Winner.aspx

*Drums rolling*

The best love message that quickly stole the judges heart, made some of them crying uncontrollably.....so epic, so drama, so GRAND PRIZE WINNER....off to Paris. Nang or Dang??? Nang la, nang la....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life: You Know Your Housemate Is A Jerk When....

I have moved out to stay alone for about one year since I started my industrial attachment last year. Finding for a room is has never appeared as a problem to me but to locate for a CLEAN and SPOTLESS room is similar to me looking for Mr Right with impeccable personalities. Happy but no so happy - happy cause I found a right place with an attached veranda which means more privacy (sometimes I do consider myself as a private person) but not so happy because my housemates are pigs.  Of course it doesn't apply to all housemates but these are a few things I can't stand.

Why they are jerks/pigs:
a) They do not give a darn about the cleanliness of the bathroom. They shit, and more shitting but no cleaning. I have gave half of my energy and soon will be drained off one day cleaning the extremely unaccepted dirty toilet myself!!!!!

b) They MULTITASK!!!! Other than doing shitting, they smoke. Probably wanking his little johnny with the other hand, he enjoys his little ciggie on the other non-wanking hand. The outcome - the floor is covered with ashes! 

c) For goodness sake, please hang the dam clothes outside. That's what the balcony for! When I was home the other day, I was dumbfounded to find myself holding the towel while bathing. I cannot find a place to hang it. This bitch has actually occupied the towel bar with her bloody clothes and god knows she's already 30 years old. Is she a retard? And I did a weather check on the particular day and it was hot for the past few weeks. 

d) Did I purport embrace Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) philosophy will make your life less miserable? You see, I have this housemate that running in and out of the house being like a self-hired paparazzo trying to replace Perez Hilton. He reports single movements of his housemates to the house owner everytime or if possible every mili split second. And hello! He's a guy. Ain't man should be less busybody than woman? I should throw some ugly insects or cockroaches into his room when he is away or perhaps doing his paparazzo's task. 

e) Thinking that everyone is deaf like him. The Hi-Fi system is his room was a pain in the ass with "pariah" and cheap sound quality with strong and loud bass sound. I do not mind him watching Japanese porn coupled with the annoying moans, screams and shouting. But please, not so loud. I am trying to concentrate on my favourite TV programme, House M.D.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

At Work: How Some Bosses Perceive Their Employees or Vice Versa

Generally speaking, many employees will often perceive that their employers are jerks, or to be precise, some bosses are a pain in the ass. Often do they did not realise, bosses, on the other hand, think that their employees are slowcoach, unproductive, lack of initiative and negative most of the time. Oh well, both parties have always two sides to every story. Sometimes it boils down to one primary factor - misunderstanding or lack of communication or genuine ignorance of personal preferences. Here are so sketchy scenarios on how we, employees are sometimes perceive at work, though it might not be 100% true all the time. 

Were born handicapped because we ain't octopus
What's wrong with us having only two hands? Some bosses think that we have five pairs of hands by bombarding us with totally unrealistic workloads. We are deemed as a slowcoach if the work is not delivered on time! How nice I can be if only I can work with my extra "hands" which have been resting under the desk all the time or feeling comfy in those shoes!

Are generally procrastinators
To answer the nature call is something you need to do every time - on and off but to certain bosses, they think we try to make an attempt to sleep in the toilet. Even it did come across my mind, mission impossible! How could a person stand that ammonia-pungent smell, sounds of your next-door neighbour farting due to diarrhea, traces of poo-poo on the floor (yucks) and the misplaced freaking fan is exerting cold air while you're squatting for your big business? LOL.......so plan failed. Unless you're in Donald Trump's office tower. Alright, that will be a total different part of the story. 

Like to gossip 
They think that we are gossiping and bitching about them when bosses hear some raucous laughter in the office. They must have gotten the idea wrongly because the well-constructed story about his/her got one foot stuck in the toilet bowl while playing Nintendo in the gents or ladies. See.....we only talk about the foot and the toilet not the living object. 

Is not loyal 
Not that we are perfidious, or traitorous, we respect bosses who deserve it and salute even to the one who will go all the way out to protect his/her team. Hey, do not treat us as your enemy, we are a team. Appreciate your employees no matter what the output is and when we do not follow your words 100% it doesn't mean we are white-anters who slowly undermine you. 

Often perceived as irritating
Forget to greet them good morning, they find it rude and disrespecting. Enjoying our panda chocolate biscuit and we do not intend to offer him/her even a piece. Talking in a group is a big no-no because they thought that we accept rumours and embellish it. Have a louder and more hip ring tone than his/her's. Thought we have a real problem with passivity when we cry but the truth is my dog just died!

So all in all, employer and employee often drive each other up the wall. The difference between the peak and the base of the pyramid is always there or else it wouldn't been named as pyramid. 

The corporate pyramid - no wonder employees are doing most of the dirty jobs 

But still........







Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Social: Whoa, no way, man! So Many Birthday Babies This Week Only

My gawd! I think of Facebook all the time. And so do you!! No matter where I go, where I shit, I am so all attached to my phone - to online on Facebook and sometimes Twitter but I seldom tweet. Chirp, chirp! Thank goodness Maxis has formulated a fabulous plan and money saving plans for addicts like me! You wanna know what I do when I am on the toilet seat? LOL....other than shitting, it must be another hand or rather both hands (prevent you guys from thinking otherwise) scrolling up and down the Facebook page. Facebook has always been my special friend when I am feeling disconnected from the outside world. This amazing social networking site has made the world a smaller place (hey, who's that black guy sending me PM?). You get to know who's engaging, getting married, and even the worst, break up. At the same time, it keeps you abreast with friends' updates, whether the girl you hated the most has gone so fat and the girl you gossip everyday in school still never wanted to die!! 

Whenever I am on Facebook, I never pay much attention on the birthday notification list because I always thought I should only remember my close friends birthdays or at least pretend that I do remember their birthdays. But as a matter of fact, I can never remember my friends' birthdays until someone approaches and asks me whether I wanna chip in for the pressie. And I will like "Errr....oh yea. I thought her birthday was last year only". Ironically, today I made some progression in Facebook, no, not that Farmville, it's the birthday notification list. To my absolute horror, the damn list is bloody long. At first, I figured I saw the wrong thing. I presumed it must be the April babies. On second glance, hell yes, it is only for this week alone!!! Whoa...so many babies were born in just a week. Miracle! LOL.

It's kinda fun when you flashback to 9 months before you were even born. You are the product of mummy and daddy mini fun project titled "Making Baby". The more they have fun, the more by-products and products they made. From the screenshot itself, I can derive 14 babies were the results of bed activities somewhere between June or July involving 14 couples or to be precise 14 men and 14 women. Whoa...not easy! But why they don't make more male babies? See below....5 out of 14 are chromosome XY, where did the rest go? I think the sperm carrying the Y gen has swam the wrong direction when copulation took place. They must assume the belly button is that "thing". Sad, ain't it? No wonder women are smarter, wiser and stronger than men these days (generally not specifically). Can't you see? They had already lost to sperm carrying gen X when trying to penetrate into the thick ovum membrane wall.

Anyways, Happy Birthday to the April babies for this week. This is the outcome when daddy did not put on his helmet. Mummy thinks daddy's helmet is so uncool. Daddy too...never feel comfortable with the helmet. Mummy and daddy happy without helmet. LOL. 

Crapping zone.....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Life: Can Someone Please Enlighten Me On Relationship?

Are you sure you completely trust men again? Would you be 100 percent certain that he will never lie (exclude the small white lies)? I have been pondering these questions a bit for sometime. I can't say confidently that I can ever trust men again. Of what had happened over some period of time, only did I realised I have a fragile heart. Believe it or not, I have scores of failed relationships in hand which sometimes I did not know how to deal with. How can I recognise the dark side of that man who always have interests at heart for me? Or vice versa. Maybe I am destined to be an old spinster. Well, I can accept that, though. Not that we, modern women these days need to rely on men like those days with women expected to be in the kitchen and men are the sole breadwinner. For some reasons, I am no good in human affectionate relationship (apply to men only). Can someone decode it for me?

Problem #1
He constantly tells lies but will never wanted to admit even when he was caught red-handed! It was a brows-frowning moment when he does not want to admit his acts during and after he was busted. I mean what kind of man will do this if they really love the woman with all his heart? Does he feel overwhelmingly happy and superior when he did that? Please lar. If lying is one of your bestest skill, you should utilize that to the highest degree to cheat money in casino. Oh, of course if you have the brain!

Problem #2 
A smart man has always been lusted over but a weak man will always be the most useless bloke. Judging from the deteriorating stability of emotions, here is the crucial time ending the stay with the bloke. Crying for sympathy often will portray him as a needy and weak person. But I will ask you go to hell lor, cause this is very irritating and hair raising experience like a wolf howling over the full moon. 

Problem #3 
Taking women for granted will only bring disaster in every man's relationship because it is apparent that he does not appreciate what he have. Women have been portrayed as empty status symbols and decorative objects of male desire. Some men just assume all females are equal to those dumb blondes. To them, the intellect part incorporated in us is not arousing so why bother if they do not have inclination towards brainy women? So hor, please do not be devastated when they are female presidents leading the country. Because some men do not have the capability as the women. And oh, the intelligence of a woman is a valuable asset when it comes to the marriage market!

Venting like a mad woman here is not a good idea. I might as well spend my time watching The Sesame Street online. At least they make me laugh and I am not feeling pissed from the top of the entry to the bottom. I was so mad, so mad that I could initiate the volcanic rocks for eruption. But again, I do not expect so much in a guy in a relationship. He only needs to check these boxes:

Check 1: Educated and not a moron of course
Check 2: Accept opinionated and articular woman
Check 3: Emotionally stable - be the real man
Check 4: Respect a woman - no violence against women 
Check 5: Has a stable career and financially healthy 
Check 6: Mature, trustworthy, astute, and level-headed
Check 7: Average Joe is acceptable

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How To: Perfect Guide For New Mummies/Dummies

It is always not an easy task when it comes to taking care of someone, isn't it? Or even something like pets. I even rushed to the bookstore to buy a manual on how to take care of your cat! But it always didn't work out cause my cat begs for anchovies every single day (on the kitchen cabinet so that you can see him), makes enough damage to my sofas and furniture, and worst of all, he sleeps on our bed. Hell, where are we supposed to sleep? In his bed?????? Pity enough for that, it must be a horrible experience to watch over your own kids. Nuff said! I hate KIDS! LOL. Not always but sometimes to the screaming and crying ones. 

When I become a mummy one day, I'd least expect someone must present me a handybook or guides to take care of my child. Funny enough, someone took the liberty to send the manual on how to take care of your child into my mailbox! You must be pregnant. LOL. The best manual I'd ever get in a century and pictures tell a thousand words. 

What you see is what you get..........scroll down for more fascinating and creative ideas/ways to manage your kid. 

Never shall thou imagine that little thing as a coconut ready to be plucked

For guys, you can do that if you remember to shave your chest hair

The correct way doesn't seem to look correct - no difference between Mr Peeping Tom

No? Why? This is the exact way to train the baby to be claustrophobic, eh?

LOL. Just like the fairy-tale, the mum is expecting a pelican to transport the baby to day care centre. It's not BAD

Ho, Ho, Ho!!! The road is never a safe place. Your eyes got to be covered temporary, honey

Always protect your belongings, so does your baby

Errr, you can't expect Hercules and Popeye to do the YES way. They are way too strong

Haha. I like this the most. He must think mummy is making a mini pool for him. Yeehaa...

Honestly, I thought the NO way was the YES way!!!! My baby will definitely have large nostrils when he is older. Hahhaa