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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Social: Whoa, no way, man! So Many Birthday Babies This Week Only

My gawd! I think of Facebook all the time. And so do you!! No matter where I go, where I shit, I am so all attached to my phone - to online on Facebook and sometimes Twitter but I seldom tweet. Chirp, chirp! Thank goodness Maxis has formulated a fabulous plan and money saving plans for addicts like me! You wanna know what I do when I am on the toilet seat? LOL....other than shitting, it must be another hand or rather both hands (prevent you guys from thinking otherwise) scrolling up and down the Facebook page. Facebook has always been my special friend when I am feeling disconnected from the outside world. This amazing social networking site has made the world a smaller place (hey, who's that black guy sending me PM?). You get to know who's engaging, getting married, and even the worst, break up. At the same time, it keeps you abreast with friends' updates, whether the girl you hated the most has gone so fat and the girl you gossip everyday in school still never wanted to die!! 

Whenever I am on Facebook, I never pay much attention on the birthday notification list because I always thought I should only remember my close friends birthdays or at least pretend that I do remember their birthdays. But as a matter of fact, I can never remember my friends' birthdays until someone approaches and asks me whether I wanna chip in for the pressie. And I will like "Errr....oh yea. I thought her birthday was last year only". Ironically, today I made some progression in Facebook, no, not that Farmville, it's the birthday notification list. To my absolute horror, the damn list is bloody long. At first, I figured I saw the wrong thing. I presumed it must be the April babies. On second glance, hell yes, it is only for this week alone!!! Whoa...so many babies were born in just a week. Miracle! LOL.

It's kinda fun when you flashback to 9 months before you were even born. You are the product of mummy and daddy mini fun project titled "Making Baby". The more they have fun, the more by-products and products they made. From the screenshot itself, I can derive 14 babies were the results of bed activities somewhere between June or July involving 14 couples or to be precise 14 men and 14 women. Whoa...not easy! But why they don't make more male babies? See below....5 out of 14 are chromosome XY, where did the rest go? I think the sperm carrying the Y gen has swam the wrong direction when copulation took place. They must assume the belly button is that "thing". Sad, ain't it? No wonder women are smarter, wiser and stronger than men these days (generally not specifically). Can't you see? They had already lost to sperm carrying gen X when trying to penetrate into the thick ovum membrane wall.

Anyways, Happy Birthday to the April babies for this week. This is the outcome when daddy did not put on his helmet. Mummy thinks daddy's helmet is so uncool. Daddy too...never feel comfortable with the helmet. Mummy and daddy happy without helmet. LOL. 

Crapping zone.....


Ken Wooi said...

lol.. sometimes i see 10 people birthday on the same day.. haha.. =P

Shiselle said...

my birthday month too! Hehehehhheeee. Anyway I love your 'crapping zone' lol!

Boss said...

hahahha... finally back to crapping zone. Finally get me to comment here again.

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