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Thursday, April 22, 2010

At Work: How Some Bosses Perceive Their Employees or Vice Versa

Generally speaking, many employees will often perceive that their employers are jerks, or to be precise, some bosses are a pain in the ass. Often do they did not realise, bosses, on the other hand, think that their employees are slowcoach, unproductive, lack of initiative and negative most of the time. Oh well, both parties have always two sides to every story. Sometimes it boils down to one primary factor - misunderstanding or lack of communication or genuine ignorance of personal preferences. Here are so sketchy scenarios on how we, employees are sometimes perceive at work, though it might not be 100% true all the time. 

Were born handicapped because we ain't octopus
What's wrong with us having only two hands? Some bosses think that we have five pairs of hands by bombarding us with totally unrealistic workloads. We are deemed as a slowcoach if the work is not delivered on time! How nice I can be if only I can work with my extra "hands" which have been resting under the desk all the time or feeling comfy in those shoes!

Are generally procrastinators
To answer the nature call is something you need to do every time - on and off but to certain bosses, they think we try to make an attempt to sleep in the toilet. Even it did come across my mind, mission impossible! How could a person stand that ammonia-pungent smell, sounds of your next-door neighbour farting due to diarrhea, traces of poo-poo on the floor (yucks) and the misplaced freaking fan is exerting cold air while you're squatting for your big business? LOL.......so plan failed. Unless you're in Donald Trump's office tower. Alright, that will be a total different part of the story. 

Like to gossip 
They think that we are gossiping and bitching about them when bosses hear some raucous laughter in the office. They must have gotten the idea wrongly because the well-constructed story about his/her got one foot stuck in the toilet bowl while playing Nintendo in the gents or ladies. See.....we only talk about the foot and the toilet not the living object. 

Is not loyal 
Not that we are perfidious, or traitorous, we respect bosses who deserve it and salute even to the one who will go all the way out to protect his/her team. Hey, do not treat us as your enemy, we are a team. Appreciate your employees no matter what the output is and when we do not follow your words 100% it doesn't mean we are white-anters who slowly undermine you. 

Often perceived as irritating
Forget to greet them good morning, they find it rude and disrespecting. Enjoying our panda chocolate biscuit and we do not intend to offer him/her even a piece. Talking in a group is a big no-no because they thought that we accept rumours and embellish it. Have a louder and more hip ring tone than his/her's. Thought we have a real problem with passivity when we cry but the truth is my dog just died!

So all in all, employer and employee often drive each other up the wall. The difference between the peak and the base of the pyramid is always there or else it wouldn't been named as pyramid. 

The corporate pyramid - no wonder employees are doing most of the dirty jobs 

But still........