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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How To: Perfect Guide For New Mummies/Dummies

It is always not an easy task when it comes to taking care of someone, isn't it? Or even something like pets. I even rushed to the bookstore to buy a manual on how to take care of your cat! But it always didn't work out cause my cat begs for anchovies every single day (on the kitchen cabinet so that you can see him), makes enough damage to my sofas and furniture, and worst of all, he sleeps on our bed. Hell, where are we supposed to sleep? In his bed?????? Pity enough for that, it must be a horrible experience to watch over your own kids. Nuff said! I hate KIDS! LOL. Not always but sometimes to the screaming and crying ones. 

When I become a mummy one day, I'd least expect someone must present me a handybook or guides to take care of my child. Funny enough, someone took the liberty to send the manual on how to take care of your child into my mailbox! You must be pregnant. LOL. The best manual I'd ever get in a century and pictures tell a thousand words. 

What you see is what you get..........scroll down for more fascinating and creative ideas/ways to manage your kid. 

Never shall thou imagine that little thing as a coconut ready to be plucked

For guys, you can do that if you remember to shave your chest hair

The correct way doesn't seem to look correct - no difference between Mr Peeping Tom

No? Why? This is the exact way to train the baby to be claustrophobic, eh?

LOL. Just like the fairy-tale, the mum is expecting a pelican to transport the baby to day care centre. It's not BAD

Ho, Ho, Ho!!! The road is never a safe place. Your eyes got to be covered temporary, honey

Always protect your belongings, so does your baby

Errr, you can't expect Hercules and Popeye to do the YES way. They are way too strong

Haha. I like this the most. He must think mummy is making a mini pool for him. Yeehaa...

Honestly, I thought the NO way was the YES way!!!! My baby will definitely have large nostrils when he is older. Hahhaa

Hahahaha.....LOL LOL LOL. What were you thinking? 

The mum must be a retard!!!

Another mentally retarded mum thinks this is sexy for the ah pek opposite the coffee shop to watch

The child's dad must be that Invisible Man 

Perfect! We always opt for the most effective and fastest way to get things done. Haha

Be warned - These illustrations are mainly for entertainment purpose only. You don't wanna to be pressed charges under Children Act 2004.