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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life: You Know Your Housemate Is A Jerk When....

I have moved out to stay alone for about one year since I started my industrial attachment last year. Finding for a room is has never appeared as a problem to me but to locate for a CLEAN and SPOTLESS room is similar to me looking for Mr Right with impeccable personalities. Happy but no so happy - happy cause I found a right place with an attached veranda which means more privacy (sometimes I do consider myself as a private person) but not so happy because my housemates are pigs.  Of course it doesn't apply to all housemates but these are a few things I can't stand.

Why they are jerks/pigs:
a) They do not give a darn about the cleanliness of the bathroom. They shit, and more shitting but no cleaning. I have gave half of my energy and soon will be drained off one day cleaning the extremely unaccepted dirty toilet myself!!!!!

b) They MULTITASK!!!! Other than doing shitting, they smoke. Probably wanking his little johnny with the other hand, he enjoys his little ciggie on the other non-wanking hand. The outcome - the floor is covered with ashes! 

c) For goodness sake, please hang the dam clothes outside. That's what the balcony for! When I was home the other day, I was dumbfounded to find myself holding the towel while bathing. I cannot find a place to hang it. This bitch has actually occupied the towel bar with her bloody clothes and god knows she's already 30 years old. Is she a retard? And I did a weather check on the particular day and it was hot for the past few weeks. 

d) Did I purport embrace Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) philosophy will make your life less miserable? You see, I have this housemate that running in and out of the house being like a self-hired paparazzo trying to replace Perez Hilton. He reports single movements of his housemates to the house owner everytime or if possible every mili split second. And hello! He's a guy. Ain't man should be less busybody than woman? I should throw some ugly insects or cockroaches into his room when he is away or perhaps doing his paparazzo's task. 

e) Thinking that everyone is deaf like him. The Hi-Fi system is his room was a pain in the ass with "pariah" and cheap sound quality with strong and loud bass sound. I do not mind him watching Japanese porn coupled with the annoying moans, screams and shouting. But please, not so loud. I am trying to concentrate on my favourite TV programme, House M.D.


Ken Wooi said...

so it's best to live alone.. haha.. i've never stayed with friends before during my whole college life.. always in single room =)

Unknown said...

Fact (d) - Is he taking citizen journalism? lols

can't blame the people, blame the environment, of course sharing a room with a bunch of strangers will have a lot of conflict.

Scarcity is the main cause of a sick society. That is why we have no choice but to rent a room when we are working/studying in other places. You paid for the shelter, but you don't pay for the experience you will get into. Life's unfair.

KwOnG FeI said...

phew..cool down...
if the prob is getting serious and you were going for a long term stay, might as well consider shifting..
somehow its good to ask before you move in..any1 smoke in the house..
i personally cannot withstand that

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