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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Contest: My First Winning in the &^%$# Contest (Tracia Eternal Love)

Okay, I admit. This isn't the first time I am winning a contest. But the previous one was  wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too long from now. I couldn't exactly remember the last time I win myself something but I could remember I got two huge tins of Ovaltines. How I do to get that? Don't be stunned when you come to learn the truth. I copied someone's monkey poem being stranded in a deserted island and waiting for him turn to be rescued. And viola....that poem was publish in the most popular educational kids magazine of the time, Kuntum. Haha. No lar.....actually I wrote that poem la. Still, by chances they managed to "fish" it from the big pond. Hehe. 

You know, I never or simply lazy have any slightest intention to join any contests advertised in the magazines, aired on radio, displayed on blog posts, and any of the leaflets trying to coax buyers to purchase the products to stand chances to win, let's say an iPod? Netbook? Free vouchers? iPhone? Neh...I am never interested simply because:

a) You will only entitle to be in the running to win that freaking prizes when you purchase the products for RM20 and above -  pull some gimmicks cajoling consumers to buy the idiot thing
b) You ought to tall, slim and radiant looking to join certain contests/competitions like Who Want To Be A Model. If you an ugly bitch, then better think of another option - cosmetic surgery. Just remember to do rhinoplasty. 
c) You are required to self produce a video or an advertisement promoting the products - please remember to show the labels more than your own face/faces
d) Demands you to be persistence from the top which means you need to make sure your entries are in weekly, say from Wk 1 to Wk 52 - OMG! That's the whole year. See...that's why I do not even wanna get involve. LOL
e) I am not always lucky because I am unlucky. How on earth could I be chosen as a winner out of &%^@%&^ people? The probability to survive is less and to win is nothing, nathan, nada.
F) I AM PLAIN SKEPTICAL or EVEN CLOUDED BY SHADOW OF DOUBTS that winning a contest is impossible! Or better, a scam! LOL....

But today something has add some ingredients to my fixated mindset. I was informed by e-mail that I won *beaming* consolation prize  for TRACIA ETERNAL LOVE DEDICATION in conjunction for V-Day which was around the corner then. If you wonder why do I join this particular contest even though I am still feeling rather skeptical about this, the reasons are valid (at least). First, I just need to write a dedication to my beau or partner not forgetting to add in some omph effect and a small dose of mushy-mushy ness. LOL. Secondly, grand prize winner will get to travel to Paris with his/her partner. Whoa......so little moolah and yet so grand!! So, here's how I slowly so self-immersed participating in one and only contest as for now. 

It was electrifying to be greeted with such pleasant e-mail early in the morning when you're almost good to be dead to replace that zombie look. Just as I was figuring out what is offered in that Tracia Eternal Gift Pack, wah lah....I found it in the official letter attached. 

Well, it is not iPhone god dammit, it's toiletries products you moron. Haha. But still it is something better than nothing. Puff! Here is some ideas of what it will the toiletries be like:

What I wrote to win? Bah! You wouldn't believe. It was an unrhymed poem that I dedicated to my ex-beau. Yeah, we decided to call it quits a month ago. So thank God I didn't make it to the grand prize to win a trip to Paris or Italy or else I will be going so alone. Haha. Dang!

I reiterate  :

Feeling warmth and pampered, 
When I am wrapped comfortably in your arms.
You give me the sense of security I needed, 
Making me feeling protected and wanted,
Like how I wanted Tracia Body Spray.
My feelings for you will not end today,
But it will be forever like Tracia Eternal. 

This is not exactly sounded like a poem at all. Just a simple message dedicated to special someone perhaps. But hells, I did get something in return. LOL. 

For more mushy-mushy and heart touching poems/messages, you can visit the link below to view 40 consolation prize winners' pieces. Hehe. Go to http://www.eternalluv.com/Contest/Winner.aspx

*Drums rolling*

The best love message that quickly stole the judges heart, made some of them crying uncontrollably.....so epic, so drama, so GRAND PRIZE WINNER....off to Paris. Nang or Dang??? Nang la, nang la....