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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Humour: Who Says Exam Is Stressful? Look At How Creative People Make It Fun!

My friend sent this to me and to make these even seem better, I googled them out bits by bits. Enjoy the darn collections of the amazingly engineered answers by ermm......whoever. 

Genius No. 1 says

Genius No. 2 purported

Genius No. 3 exclaimed

Genius No. 4 answered

Genius No. 5 suggested
Genius No. 6 mentioned

Genius No. 7 thinks

Genius No. 8 drew

Genius No. 9 is indeed a narrator 
Genius No. 10 is indeed a giraffe

Genius No. 11 turns a female reproductive organ into a bear. Great
Genius No. 12 obviously fed up with Math