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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shopping: Cheap Branded EDT/Comforters/Sportswear/Inner Wear at Sunshine Warehouse Sales

This promotion advertisement landed in my junk mail a day ago and I did not give a darn about it until.....today when my colleagues and I were having McD's at Bayan Baru. Viola...the so-called warehouse sales starts today. What a coincidence!

The good sign is - I get to buy branded EDT sprays at knock-out price. You can get latest Hugo Boss edition, Escada limited edition, Calvin Klien, Anna Sui perfumes from RM100 - 140 only! Freaking, madly, crazily cheap! Not just that, you can find Nike, Adidas, Burberry etc at goddamn cheap price! Go see for yourself! You want affordable comforters without compromising on the quality? Find it here! For the ladies, it's time to get new bras. LOL.

The downside is - I do not have so much cash but on the other hand, I cannot control my desire to land my hand on one of those sexily designed perfume bottle. Haiz....time to swipe my credit card this time. My dad is gonna kill me if he knows I am spending my future money for a bottle of perfume? Hahaha...the funny part is I rarely use EDT or any body sprays and I have one DKNY at home since last year. Not even a half bottle has gone. Guess this time is impulse buying. 

So I walk up marched up to that sweet smiling lady, and then grinned (siao!) and then, passed me a strip of perfume sample for testing. It took me about half a minute to identify this absolutely tantalizing smell with a sweet summer tropical fruit scene! So well blended! So amazing! So....I can think of beach, sea, summer, coconut juice, straw hat now. 

Quickly I took a glance looking out for this sweet redcurrant perfume name - Ahhh.......ESCADA limited edition! Without thinking and also at the same time under my friend's influence, I bought one for myself and she has a bottle for herself too! LOL. How much? Only at RM125 for 100ml/ 3.3FL. OZ. See....so cheap nia.....I don't buy expensive stuff one. 

Only RM130 but for every RM80 spent, you're entitle to have RM5 rebate. So total is only RM125.

Ombre-coloured bottle. Aww...so in love.......

The damage? Not much lor.....cheap nia.....


Anonymous said...

Wise hopping guide.....following your blog n tweet.

Unknown said...

Every one want the main issue in Inner wears is comfort nothing else

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