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Monday, April 12, 2010

Life: Can Someone Please Enlighten Me On Relationship?

Are you sure you completely trust men again? Would you be 100 percent certain that he will never lie (exclude the small white lies)? I have been pondering these questions a bit for sometime. I can't say confidently that I can ever trust men again. Of what had happened over some period of time, only did I realised I have a fragile heart. Believe it or not, I have scores of failed relationships in hand which sometimes I did not know how to deal with. How can I recognise the dark side of that man who always have interests at heart for me? Or vice versa. Maybe I am destined to be an old spinster. Well, I can accept that, though. Not that we, modern women these days need to rely on men like those days with women expected to be in the kitchen and men are the sole breadwinner. For some reasons, I am no good in human affectionate relationship (apply to men only). Can someone decode it for me?

Problem #1
He constantly tells lies but will never wanted to admit even when he was caught red-handed! It was a brows-frowning moment when he does not want to admit his acts during and after he was busted. I mean what kind of man will do this if they really love the woman with all his heart? Does he feel overwhelmingly happy and superior when he did that? Please lar. If lying is one of your bestest skill, you should utilize that to the highest degree to cheat money in casino. Oh, of course if you have the brain!

Problem #2 
A smart man has always been lusted over but a weak man will always be the most useless bloke. Judging from the deteriorating stability of emotions, here is the crucial time ending the stay with the bloke. Crying for sympathy often will portray him as a needy and weak person. But I will ask you go to hell lor, cause this is very irritating and hair raising experience like a wolf howling over the full moon. 

Problem #3 
Taking women for granted will only bring disaster in every man's relationship because it is apparent that he does not appreciate what he have. Women have been portrayed as empty status symbols and decorative objects of male desire. Some men just assume all females are equal to those dumb blondes. To them, the intellect part incorporated in us is not arousing so why bother if they do not have inclination towards brainy women? So hor, please do not be devastated when they are female presidents leading the country. Because some men do not have the capability as the women. And oh, the intelligence of a woman is a valuable asset when it comes to the marriage market!

Venting like a mad woman here is not a good idea. I might as well spend my time watching The Sesame Street online. At least they make me laugh and I am not feeling pissed from the top of the entry to the bottom. I was so mad, so mad that I could initiate the volcanic rocks for eruption. But again, I do not expect so much in a guy in a relationship. He only needs to check these boxes:

Check 1: Educated and not a moron of course
Check 2: Accept opinionated and articular woman
Check 3: Emotionally stable - be the real man
Check 4: Respect a woman - no violence against women 
Check 5: Has a stable career and financially healthy 
Check 6: Mature, trustworthy, astute, and level-headed
Check 7: Average Joe is acceptable


Ken Wooi said...

is this an open request for a boyfriend audition? =)

Cynthia Kim said...

Perhaps. LOL

Anonymous said...

when's d opening & closing date? would it b announced? was there any intention's of those behavior?

Anonymous said...

looks like its a prize up for grabs!!!

Anonymous said...

cynthia..i told you since day 1~~problems will occcur sooner or later~intellectual differences lead to all these..good it comes up now..rather than later after tying the knot uh "0..


Cynthia Kim said...

There is no opening and closing date. This is not a contest or whatsoever as there will be no prizes to give away. Haha.

Just follow with the flow.

Arul, thanks. Yes, finally. It happened for good. Well, its better now or never right?

Anonymous said...

Did he cheat's on you? What is his purpose of his actions?

Anonymous said...

The prize for the winner will be you.

Some thinks that following the flow isn't such a good idea, wats wrong with dat?

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