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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

At Work: Oh, C'mon. Why The Fire Drill at My Workplace

I must say fire drill is pretty much a total waste of time but the worst part is - I cannot reckon the fire drill alarm when it was first set off. I was paying close attention to Facebook...opss....did I just say Facebook? to my quotation of course to be negotiated to some preferential Motorola price (and sometimes it can be insulting). They (the orang atas) always expect the incapable, incredibly naive *wink*, somewhat a moron like me to speak to suppliers in order to get the best out of everything. To generalise it, my boss expects me to have cost savings of 10% monthly. Well.....the figure looks "humble" and "petite", but you'll never get discount from supplier with just a blink of eyes. If yes, I will fly myself to the moon!!! I am not being petty and difficult here as fire drill is meant to be a practise to evacuate the building when fire occurs or other kinds of emergency took place.

Okay, reverting to my topic earlier, I feel like school children running walking out from the plant in uniform lor. Because Motorola has its own Aloha shirt which I strongly think it is exported from Hawaii textile manufacturing industry. LOL. Here's how and why the fire drill is deemed as a futile effort:

And the possible scenarios that might take place

See the two differences depicted in the table? Hell yes. The fire drill procedures will remain as it is cause no one will adhere to the procedures during the actual fire because everyone will be panicky and is not in their right state of mind. The crucial slogan which everyone should embrace when this mishap fall into places - STAMPEDE FOR YOUR LIFE. LOL.


Anonymous said...

ur plane crash somewhat seems very familiar! well it all goes to their mind set weather to panic or its just a drill.

Ken Wooi said...

haha.. nice representations with Paint.. yeah i agree with you! during fire drills, everyone will relax and not bothered at all.. but during the real thing... all sure panic! =P

Cynthia Kim said...

Pardon me for the shitty drawings. I do not have flair in drawings.

Anonymous said...

it looks simple & easy to understand, to me. was impressed with you drawing, even i couldn't do a better job.

Cynthia Kim said...

Haha, Anonymous. Should I be flattered? Hahha. Thanks neway.

satkuru said...

wow didn't expect you all to run out on the streets and cause a jam, lol. the last time i was in a fire drill, i ended up at old town kopitiam ahahaha

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