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Friday, March 12, 2010

Travel: The Marvelous Grand Opening of 5-Star Atlantis Hotel, Dubai

Lavish, extravagant and breathtaking grand opening of The Atlantis Hotel in Dubai attended by some 2,000 VIP guests was held for four days while Kylie Minogue performed on the first day of the opening. How I wish that I will have the chance to be there! Neh, I am not a VIP, ok. And believe it or not, it gonna burn your account bank book with $35K per night not to mention that is the cheapest room you can get. The $1.5 billion mega resort with 1,539 rooms is the first resort to open on Dubai's man-made Palm Jumeirah island and threw a multi-million dollars on extravagant opening ceremony. Hmph...seems like they aren't feel even a bit affect by the global financial collapsed. 

Four Michelin-starred chefs masterminded the food with the help from 500 sous chefs and 1000 waiters.And it is said that the event is celebrated with a feast of 4000 lobsters! Jesus!!! The Atlantis has an aquarium big enough for 65,000 fish and a whale shark. A tank affords guests the chance to swim with a dolphin. Two suites, occupied last night by Theron and Lohan, stretch over three floors, with views directly into the aquarium. Staff said since the hotel began business on September 24, it had enjoyed 80% capacity.

From the outside

From the inside


Himmat Singh said...

Wow....this is real awesome....like the pic where the girl slides through sharks...NICE

Ken Wooi said...

beautiful place! =)

SueRosly said...

Went there in 2009. But did not overnight at the Atlantis, as the rate very expensive for me.

Anonymous said...

wow..u're slow..dats old news..NEXT!

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