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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Bill Clinton, Then Dr Chua Soi Lek, Later Tiger Woods and Now Jack Neo...

But the question is, how long will these surprising breaking news last? Their public adulation have cast shadows over their careers? Just because they are well-known, racking up multiple women do not seem good on them but if you put this peccadilloes in an average man, it will serve nothing but nothing. No one will even give a damn whether you are poking a whore, or a random chick. Well, what can I say. Men are programmed evolutionary to sleep around and majority of them are polygamous. Not to say I agree with the idea of polygamy (count me out), but from the evolutionary standpoint, men are like animals. Animals copulate to generate more new generations to deter the species being extinct. So as human. Men bed hopping around to survive and reproduce to exert maximum productions. But there is definitely one thing that human can't be compared to animals that we have moral and ethic values. There are what make us so different from other species as we are able to differentiate the rights and wrongs. Humping the other woman when you have wonderful woman at home is not wonderful at all. Humping the other woman in the backseat of the car is even more heartless as your kids will be sitting at the rear sits on Sundays. Humping the other woman who is 22 years old will not prove that you are a real man because what makes you worth is you already had four children. 

Errr....can someone please show me which is my mum? I am so confused. Dad, please help!
Jack Neo is being likened to Tiger Woods when the number of involved women has been escalating. Many people (including fans) think he has been a good husband and leading an impeccable family life and who is supposed to inject some family values with sense of humour in his movies. There was a speculation that he will be selected to run for the next election. If this has been true, it seems like isn't lucky enough to be in that position. While many women cannot accept his infidelity, most men figure this being adulterous is common in entertainment arena, hence, acceptable.

Oh, c'mon, honey. You don't have to hide this panties at the backseat. Awww....thanks but I don't wear kiddie panties. Opsss....

Ever wonder if Jack will make a comeback after his exposed scandalous sex life cool off? Will his fans out there agree if he made a comeback with more folksy humour scenes? I believe most of the people, either Malaysians or Singaporeans will forget regard to his infidelity soon enough to accept him back into the society. He is a talented man and he will be given another chance to prove himself and most importantly he is remorseful over his misdeeds. But, again, he was slammed by the media and netizens when he is contemplating to remake his love affair into a movie. Isn't the current situation is damage enough? Now it's the time you salvage your 27 years of marriage and spend quality time with your family.