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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Life: I Have Complicated Life or I Make It Complicated?

I have been trapped in this dilemma for too long that I could not even remember when it first started. Many people advise me while I am in a relationship, enjoy the joyous, precious and memorable moment together. Yes, it is true. I could never deny that but love is love. We need to do reality check from time to time. Tonnes of worries clouded my mind when I was thinking to commit myself in a relationship. Friends told me I think too much, colleagues said that just go with the flow, my heart tells me please come back to reality, and, and, and....I am just too confused. Honestly, my thoughts is rather orthodox and so unconventional. For me, I love being fed than to fed. 

 If I planned to go on a long journey with this guy, I have to consider this:
- his earnings is lesser than mine for now. Yes, for now it's okay but will the figure in the pay check will not increase much or that's it. That's his limitations. Without a preferred education level these days is a disadvantage and of course, your pay will never be good.
- i am pursuing my master's degree in a few months time and I hope (crossing my fingers) to graduate with MBA soon and he is only a high school graduate. Obviously, there is going to be gaps between us - communication, understanding, perception, knowledge, maturity, etc. The question is, will the relationship survive or it will just be another history?
- my parents will never wanted to accept him if his qualification is so much lower than mine. My cousin's wife left him because they weren't level headed. His wife has a PhD whereas he himself only has a basic degree. At times, his wife thinks he does not fathom what she meant and he never gets her right when it comes to understanding. 

Do I abandon this relationship or do I foresee everything and proceed? 
Will my future be better without him or removing him out from the picture is a better start? 
I don't want a househusband in the future, definitely. I want him to be the man of the house and is wise enough to make his own decisions. 
Hmph....I make my life complicated isn't it?


Ken Wooi said...

that.. is up to you to decide.. love should know no boundary.. but if the "differences" matter to you, then i think you should know what is right for yourself.. =)

Unknown said...

yeah ... it is really hard...
depends on what u really want in life...

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