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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Humour: Idiotic Things That Idiot Folks Do

Just for laughter and a dose of  endorphin........

No doubt these two stooges play too much computer games......the aftermath - they are addicted

Here's how thou shalt jump when you're hit by a trailer
This boy thinks he is cute if he can pee like a hydrant

Each of the thousands hands of a Golden Buddha statue has an eye on each palm but sometimes things can go wrong - the Golden Buddha statue has a ciggie on each of its palm
Kid: Mum, I saw a real life spongebob over the street there
Mum: Stop jabbering about spongebob all day. He is just a character from a cartoon, honey
Kid: I swear to God I see it, mum. Look! 
Mum: Oh! You're right, honey. Just that....he doesn't have shoes!