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Monday, May 17, 2010

In-bound Travel: Ostrich Farm in Perlis

1st and 2nd of May are the time where most in-bound holidaymakers plan their trip in conjunction with Labour Day. This does not exclude my parents as well. My dad has already booked a trip to Bangkok on these few days to visit numerous infamous temples seeing himself as a strong Buddhist believer. The religious place intended for devotees to worship Gods has immediately been transformed to refugee camps during the fierce flare-up between the government and protesters in the effort to overthrow the government. So my dad changes his plan and we set off to Padangbesa, which is located some 5km away from Malaysia's well-known bazaar, Padang Besar. 

Just before 30 minutes reaching the Thai border, we manage to pause a middle-sized enclosed field where the big birds are set to roam freely. We manage to have a close-up with the ostriches and they are harmless and friendly. 

A gentle reminder - you might wanna keep your head distance away from the perimeters if you do not want your head to be pecked by those large birds. The admission is free, no souvenir shops are present but only a small round stone table is seen covered with bunches of leaves which serve as food for the ostriches. 1kg of the leaves only costs RM1 and it is hell of too much to feed a dozen of famished ostriches. 

My sister has to hold tightly on the leaf stem as the ostrich chowing down the leaves and juices greedily without noticing he is the only bird there. LOL. 

These ostriches are eyeballing me and demanding for food. Look at those pitiful eyes. They had too much leaves for the day! Many visitors were seen giving away food for them for the past 30 minutes!!!

A female ostrich usually has gray-colored feather coat and the male has black feathers. In those days, ostriches leg tendons are used in surgery to replace damaged and worn off human tendons and their eyes were extensively for experiments and research. Just so you know, an ostrich egg can weigh about 3 pounds. That’s equivalent to 2 dozen chicken eggs. Frankly, with the cute faces of these giant birds, I pledge that I will not eat ostrich meat and egg and never touch stuffs which are made from their body parts - that's including their feathers.


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