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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gathering: At Batu Keras Hotel aka Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

Now I can tell aloud that I HAVE FINALLY FREAKING STEP MY FOOT IN HARD ROCK HOTEL after sometimes. So people, please do not ask me again "HAVE YOU BEEN TO HARD ROCK HOTEL ALREADY?". I mean...how am I going to answer that when I am staying in Penang but haven't been there before. The feeling is just like when people ask you "Have you seen Avatar?" and you will be like rolling your eyes and *gasp* saying "Erm...why would I watch? Nice, meh? So many blue people one and some more the movie is so long".  

Alright, alright. Leave bullshits aside and let's get into serious business here. LOL. My bestie, Sam planned to show us Hard Rock Hotel (since we are "sua pa kau"....never been before) as well as celebrating another bestie of mine birthday. Yeah...both things come concurrently. Oh before that, I wanna wish a sincere Happy Birthday to Chean Yen here since I have nothing to offer. Sorry, mate. Will give you a piece of banana cake when I see you again. LOL. May you have a wonderful and roaring Tiger Year ahead. Hehe. 
So our two gentlemen Mr Thien Sing is our official driver for the night and oh also not forgetting...Mr Ethan Hunter/Dinesh/etc (too many to be named here...hahahaha) is Thien Sing's counterpart offering the same service. LOL. Time to dolly up myself coz it's partayyyy time. Yeah....Saturday Night = Party Night.  

Beauty check no. 1: Pick but in my occasion I dig the right dress for the party. 
Beauty check no. 2: Select the matching shoes to glam up your looks. 

Beauty check no. 3: Enhance your looks with make-ups and please remember to apply moisturizer to keep your face staying hydrated.  

Beauty check no. 4: Pose before the mirror and take some candid pictures of yourself. *optional* LOL

Please ignore the ceiling fan. It is not supposed to be there. Hahahahaah....

Viola.....all check? Your hair is in place, your dress is matching with your shoes, make sure you make-up is not smeared, everything's perfect, then you're good to go.  

At Hard Rock Hotel (ladies), we.........

DID this

DID that (the Bday girl is being sandwiched by both of us)

And we went to the so-called pub or bistro and spent a large amount of money on the liquor! Man, it's RM370+. Thank God there were 6 of us or else it gonna burn a meteor hole in my pocket! 

Bacardi Lemon.....sweet and nice. Taste better than Martel and Chivas any day.

  Soft drink Sprite

Drunk or not drunk? Sleeping or awake?

I was half-drunk when this picture was taken but thank goodness that I am still conscious until I reached home.

Okay...I know. I picked the wrong dress and it makes me looked fat and ugly. LOL. 

Okay...what I loved about the place is the live band which they belt out retro hits and mostly sentimental songs. At one glance, you can see the place is actually filled with Caucasians and foreigners. The ambience is nice and so does the settings. Maybe the next time you here, you can plan a trip to Hard Rock Hotel in Penang even though it is not a posh hotel but a room per night is not cheap as the price starts from RM500+++. Weee......my mama always said "Staying at home is the cheapest". Hahahhaa......