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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life: Eligible Student Name List Will Be Out On 21st January!!!!???? The Website Reflects Something But Nothing

I am gonna stop refreshing on the site now for the 1237989187982392839283 times!!!! As if I am getting married, I am so excited this morning assuming I will be greeted by a good news this morning. But my brain stops releasing endorphine hormones to my body putting everything into a halt. Hell...they haven't even updated the site yet and oh no, it's 5.40 pm. The date to review the list is on 21st January, right? Am I right? Hope this is not a delusion.

*checking the calender*

Yes, it's 21st today and how come it did not appear yet? Or it is not January?

*checking the calender again for the second round*

Goodness gracious! My memory serves me right. I am living in the month of January but why the list is not up yet? Anyways, as disappointed as I am, I am not surprised. We, you and me know that most government servants practically are slow and lack of enthusiasm in delivering their work. They come to work at 8am, "loiter" in the office, cubicle visitings, telling the juiciest gossip, slacking their arshes off to resolve any surfacing issues, and yadda, yadda, yadda. So let's presume, the name list will be released on 21 January 2011! If they remember!!!

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