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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Travel: When Comes To Fortune Telling, Thailand Is Even More Fast Forward Than Us

Fortune telling in Malaysia is popular among Chinese folks in Malaysia and the number increased five-fold during Chinese New Year as it marks the beginning of a new year. Clients from all walks of life will visit the master to predict their future in investment, financial flow, love, marriage, studies, and so forth. Imagine if each client asks only one question and that only one question encompasses palm reading, face reading, tarot card reading and fortune sticks, ask yourself, when is gonna be your turn? Hence, the long waiting line at the booth.

But this worst case scenario has actually been foreseen and resolved by our strong Buddhist believers neighbour, Thailand. Want to know about your luck, love, career, and money? Easy peasy. Just a piece of cake they said. Insert one coin into the machine and "wheel of fortune" will start spinning til it gradually slower down and stop at your so-called lucky number. It will took about 15 seconds for the neon light  on the spinning wheel to stop at your lucky number. Along the process, the box will continuously recite mantra until it the running light stops. So what you gonna do when you have your number? Remember the number, obtain your future forecast results from a well-laminated book. Do not fret if you could not read Chinese or Thai language cause it comes in trilingual version. Whoa!!!!!

Each of the "box" is labelled according to the day initiated by Sunday and ended with Saturday.

My lucky number is 11 and the results? Sounds very favourable for me. LOL