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Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Admit. Paranormal Activity Sucks Big Time

I had have always embrace this mindset that horror flick comes in footages will scare the bejesus out of me. So I took the risk and set the highest expectation in the so-called horror movie, Paranormal Activity. Today is a long Saturday that I took some time off to go check this movie out and to my disappointment, this movie was a piece of junk. You know why I said junk? I practically feel nausea and vomited many times in the ladies. 

The whole episodes were shaky, the camera is whirling, swinging just like the merry-go-round you ride when you were a toddler. I believe carousel wasn't that bad as well. But this.....I cannot even tilt my head up longer to watch the movie as the entire scenes were shaky. I buried my face into my plush bag many times as I could not bear to carry on watching the show til the end. I was thinking to leave the movie but it costs me RM10 for this piece of sheesh. First and the last time I am gonna watch so-called footage movie. Never....never ever!!!! 

Even audience who were sitting next to me also were complaining "pening" many times and my friend has actually vomited on the cinema's carpet! Sorry, her bad but the movie is worst! But somehow I salute those who can sit in their couch watching and enjoying the movie like nothing affected them. Great!

Any horror-flick fans out there, you so not gonna watch this! Damn....I just purge everything out from my stomach! In a nutshell, it isn't that scary. Just a decent horror flick with low budget production.


Your Boss said...

Do you know that this movie has a few endings. At least 3 endings.

So which ending did you get to watch?

Cynthia Kim said...

The one that she became demons. What is the other two endings? Anyways...all in all it is sucks. LOL

Anonymous said...

its sucks~ agree wit u cynthia!!! no more for this kind of sucks movie~luckily it cost me rm 6 oni!if rm10,really not worth it!!

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