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Friday, January 15, 2010

Sorry for the Long Hiatus

I realised, I believed and I thought that I have not written anything here anymore for about two weeks. Reasons...simple. I have been away from internet connection for sometime. Last week, I was in Hatyai, Thailand acting like some Buddha devotee kneeling and praying before him. Don't judge me! I did not request for 4D numbers but hell yeah, I did wish for something. Shhh....that's a secret! The place was so jam-packed with people from all walks of life. You can see Indians, Siamese, Chinese etc streaming the place and covered it with thick smoke and ashes. Gawd! My eyes, my eyes. 

Another reason I am away for so long is......simple. I am lazy. I do not know what makes me lose the enthusiasm to scribble my thoughts of life here after I came back from Hatyai. That's not what I wish for! I need to balance my equilibrium between me-time and blogging time. Practically I have spent too much time on shopping and counting money. Every penny I spent is the hard-earned money I threw. Phew!!!! I missed the life when I was a student where I can buy things without even thinking so much about other commitments. Now...I have to pay my room rent, fuel consumption, car maintenance, food and beverages, a little on entertaiment, and clothes. Seriously, earning RM2k ++ a month is barely enough to survive unless you are spending prudently. Hell yeah. I am spending prudently cause I do not splurge on things I like like Paris Hilton. 

Haunted by financial woes, 
My best friend stop me from buying excessive shoes, 
But I told her the importance of shoes, 
Which will bring you to important places like zoo and loo, 
Because we need to let off steam after working like a "gu",
And release stress every Monday safter inging Negaraku.

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