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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Some Random Guy Stole My Photos (and other gals too) to Park in His Photo ALbums

It's like some kind of bizarreness and whimsically strange that I stumbled upon pictures of myself in an unknown guy's photo album in Facebook. Stop gawking/ogling/gazing/rubbernecking at some other girls, or at least do it discreetly and less obvious. This very strange chap dropped me a comment on one of my most recent photos, and odd enough, I visit him back and to come to learn about his "secret activity". To discover myself among other pictures might be flattering for others, but, to some, I must be some fugly fat chick attempting to look great in skimpy or sexy outfits. I did some little analysis with an astounding outcome - most of the gals are fat, chubby, flabby, wearing skin-baring dress/clothes, a poser or not-so-pretty face. Please see below for further explanation. Basically I just printscreen everything from his page.

I found my three photos in his so-called photo album. LOL. This looks exactly like the gridline photos for missing persons. What are the common key characteristics that most of the photos reflect? She is either fat, or very fat, or clad in sexy dress, walking on those sky-high heels or stilettos, or perhaps, ugly.
Peek-a-boo-boo #1

From dull to null

Peek-a-boo-boo #2

Showing off what?????

Look, rear humping isn't gonna make you look better until you have a better sense of dressing

Please, replace AMBER CHIA with this hair-raising lady
Fuhh....there are a total of 57 photos and I am not able to post everything here but I will definitely pick the "BEST OF THE BEST". LOL.
Beckons to all style chameleons. Please modify your setting to limit profile and picture views to only friends or else you don't wanna see yourself appear in else's album. This guy must be a maniac and I think he fantasizes a lot by sitting behind his computer with one hand down wanking/playing with his little schlong. Yucks. Thinking on further, he might have many cyborgs in every corner of his house!!!!!! Yucks yucks......