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Monday, December 21, 2009

Xmas Greetings and New Year Gretings for All Blog Readers

The Season's Greetings is finally here, and we will probably playing with Snowman in if you were in four seasons countries. But the fact that we born, breed, and raise in tropical climate country never stop us from celebrating Christmas. Hey, who says we do not believe in Santa? I do, I do. *nod, nod*

Though I never celebrating Christmas, this festive season's gonna be fun with these funny, abnormal Christmas graphics. They really made my day.....

The normal out of the abnormals.........

I'd like to take the liberty to wish all readers have a Jolly Dolly Christmas and a Happening New Year. 

Xmas Message from Jovial Me to All Readers: 
Jingle bells and Santa gifts – make the Christmas season more joyous. Spread smiles across the miles to bring cheer to your heart. Keep yourself away from only opening pressies but open your your heart to realise the best Christmas gift will be a sense of belongingness, togetherness, unity, and kindership. Embrace this dear to your heart this festive season.

P/S: Thank you for reading my blog all this while/now/for the first time/first and last time. But still...I love you, guys!!! Muacks...LOL


Cynthia Kim

21st Dec 09


DC said...

Merry Christmas!

jfook said...

Merry Christmas too!!~

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