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Monday, December 7, 2009

Japanese Is Either Too Rich, Boring Or Just Being "Creative" By Inventing These!

Would you buy something like this which will ensure you will be "wrapped" at night while snoring away? No way..... I will never feel comfy this way. I want the real man. LOL

*Gasp* Oh no....someone please help this poor baby. He is halfway being transformed into Komondor "The Mop Dog". Or this must be a cross breed of human and the dog. LOL.

The future-self of the baby. Why, why, tell me why?

Someone who wears this way must be a retard! The worst retard ever!!

I wouldn't take the train if I were you. I am sure there are many wondering spirits in the coaches cause people cannot resist to hang themselves while waiting for their next destination to arrive.

Hope Jimmy Choo doesn't design this for the Japanese. It doesn't look good on everyone's head.

Would you want some of these STICK butter? I taste so good that it will instantly get rid off the fungus on your expired breads.

And the last but not least, we shall present an award for this creatively designed chopsticks. We hope that the fan will not produce the hurricane-like wind or functions like a whirlpool. You don't want your noodles to be sucked into the "whirlpool", right?


bapester said...

i checked out a book that is all about creations like these...
apparently it is some sort of a creative 'club' or movement..
the rule of these creations is that they must be too impractical and outrageous for commercial use!

the other 2 creations i remember is a spaghetti curling fork, and a bowl with a mirror in the middle (so that you think you are eating a whole bowl of rice even though half is just a reflecton) :S

aezlika said...

hahahha the pillow..yeaaah dun need tat too..i love my bloster so much to ditch it for an arm :P

JoyC said...

Mop Dog!!! XD I think those pyjamas really are inspired by that sort of dog. I've seen Mop Slippers made of that sort of material too.

The subway stick thing is just creepy to me. O__o What if you break your neck or something?

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