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Monday, December 28, 2009

I Am Now Single and Available

Feeling released, relieved, elated, fabulous, untied, and free from all physical and emotional tortures. While others are ushering for the new year to come with new year's resolutions, I am, too, no stranger to this thing. Finally I have made a brave and firm decision to step out from my disastrous relationship which caused too much negative impacts in my life. I am never this worst, frustrated, feeling unworthy, and lost before until I caught myself in this ordeal. I still remember my bestie told me, "We can guarantee everything in life, but there is no guarantee in a relationship". If he used to acting rough (i.e. acting violently like strangling, forcing himself on the victim, pushing her forcefully, bit her) prolongingly on the girl, the chances are, he will be doing it for the rest of his life. Often in such cases, the victim wish is to hope that she will never make it into the newspaper headline purporting SHE HAS BEEN DISMEMBERED, DECAPITATED, AND THE COPS ARE PERFORMING AT BEST TO FIND HER LOST HEAD. A sane man will turn into a beast/monster/maniac/psycho when he is already mad and out of his mind. This much afraid-of beast will likely have the chance of killing his victim with no mercy and soon to realise he has regretted his awful action.

As year 2010 is a new start for any breathing creatures on Earth, I will have a fresh, freedom and single life to start all over. Well at least I am already off the hook and I am ready to refresh my social life and press on the reset relationship button. My bestie is always right. She advised me that there is a great essential for me to rearrange my screw-up life. It was so screwed that I do not know what I am anymore.

All in all, a few doses of endorphine will do the magic and transform my life. See I am happy now. I am in FUCSHIA!!!!! For your information, FUCHSIA is a happy, vibrant and energetic colour.

P/S: If you don't like what I've scribbled here, sue me!


Melting Ice Cream said...

gambateh! i'm sure u can find a better guy then him out there! :D

Ken Wooi said...

enjoy life, you'll do fine =)


theeggyolks said...

have a great year ahead!

Anonymous said...

Cheer up and dun wori, still have a lot of good guys out there for u to choose. we all will always b with u. Gambateh....

Is Kheng

Cynthia Kim said...

Thank you all for your concern. I am good and fine now.

silampuneon said...

i hope you can cope with this..im having the same prob too...

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