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Friday, December 11, 2009

Laughter Is Indeed The Best Medicine :)

If you dislike 7-Eleven, fret no more. Just turn your head, and make an "emergency" exit to L-Eleven right across the street.

I am suspecting that there are neither woman nor human. They are corpses (jasad)!!!! Naw....don't mind them. Osama might get tick off and bomb your house into pieces. Oh or don't be surprise to see airplanes are heading into your house direction. To play safe, don't even think about it! LOL.

Now that the tree has grown up like a ballerina, I wonder why the owner didn't dress her with ballet costume. She will look nicer than being naked and PHOTOGRAPH like this. Pity her.....

Ahhhhh........I am done. I manage to spot the difference. There is a leaf with an eye!

Thank goodness I always prepare enough sticks in the lorry. See....if not you won't be able to go that high

Oh my! Has anyone drop this here? Remember to wear your bra next time. LOL

LOL......Please use this at home. And make sure your dog does not munch on their johns!

Muahahhahaha..........look, boy. You're actually scaring the nurse instead. Let's hope she will not have nightmare tonight.


Melting Ice Cream said...

hahahahaha ^^v

Wil C said...

Funny! Haha.. man, the last pic of the boy.. look at the boy next in line..he's so worried seh...lol.

JoyC said...

Is the froggo still alive??? O___O

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