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Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Seriously Think I Need A Walk-In Wardrobe Anyday. My Current One Is Too Darn Small!

Everyone has already did the common thing which is spring cleaning a few months ago but mine is still in the pending list. But cares? LOL. A procrastinator like me always have my things done at the very last minute. Oh well....at least the thought that counts.

So I kick start my long-pending mission to ditch all the old clothes and make way for my new year clothes. Haha. What can I say? New Year is around the corner and we are having Year End Sales now, as I speak. 

I know. You don't have to tell me. They look like char koay teow. All clothes were chucked together in a small space without me arranging 'em. Lazy me.

I have actually gave away many pairs of shoes to the charity but apparently is not going to help. I should have make a birthday wish that these boxes can turn into gold bars overnight. If Santa is really existed.

This ugly looking piece of  mini dress is found while I was spring cleaning and to my surprise, I never wore those before. I did some memory flashback and oppss....this was from my friend who gave it to me when I was in Form 3. No wonder I am still owning it or else it is long time gone. Far gone from my wardrobe!!!

One of those dresses that I haven't wore before since I bought a few months ago. My gawd! What should I do with these?

Long before I could realised, my dad has actually came out with a better solution for all my clothes, shoes, and bags. He quoted my stuffs as unnecessary and redundant. LOL. He never told me his formulated plan until he saw me spring cleaning today and he said he has excellent way to get rid of those.

*Drums rolling*


Dad: I have mastered a plan for you on how to clear all your stuffs. 

Me: Oh great! I am having problems on where should I send my clothes and shoes away. How, dad?

Dad: You should go make a banner and hang it right in front of our house and it should sound like this "Clearance Sales".

Me: *Blinks, blinks*. Nothing to say. He is always right all the time before my head is bashed up if I said something against him. 


But in the end, I donated some to Lion's Club and Tzu Chi. Some very ugly ones went to the recycling centre and they are glad to receive those fugly items to be recycled.


Unknown said...

sob!! you should donate it to me instead!!
i need more clothes in my wardrobe..

JoyC said...

Your dad's idea is great! Maybe next time get a few friends together and do the garage sale thingy. That way you'd have more variety of stuff. Doesn't have to be only clothes...

At least your closet's clear now.

You can always arrange your clothes in a way so that it'll look more organized. A tip I got from Oprah is that the clothes you frequently wear stays somewhere easier to reach while the not frequently worn goes to the back.

Weird Dan said...

Ehhhh... donate to me LOL

Wil C said...

Your shoe collection is the best..wow. Just like Vincci's storeroom eh? lol. :P

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