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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Afraid to Die? Hire Bodyguards/Security Guards/Lifeguards La!

Unlike the olden days, my parents were able to sleep at home with the gate wide opened, children playing hide-and-seek without having parents sick worried about their whereabouts, and we, the vainpots never afraid to show off our new handbags while patronizing along the street. Not anymore now. The society is turning from bad to worst, and becoming sicker than ever and people are just too afraid of their own safety. Children are not allowed to buy candy from the nearby convenient store. Instead they are forced to stay indoor watching Barney and Friends or Power Rangers. How can! No life! Good children go bad - if continuously being confined at home. 

Nauseated society = morbid crime = kiasi (afraid to die) people 

Everywhere you go, every street you see, every corner you turn, you spot GUARDS guarding vigilantly at territory 

I am so darn right and so close to the fact that Lady Gaga announced to the world that she wants to do foursome with Jonas Brothers. Yucks but true!!!

Nowadays, a guard house will definitely act as a welcoming door gift for those luxury houses

Not forgetting, apartments and condominiums never been left unattended

 LMAO. Even a temple needs two stone goblins to watch over the place

A dog is a man's best friend and sometimes he plays dog-guard by mostly Chinese folks hoping him to protect the house from burglars. I think that the owner should someday take my idea seriously to sit a Rottweiler in the porch to ward off "bad luck" because they are stronger breed, brighter and bigger in size compared to the others. 

But I am proven to have a wrong statement here and I feel disdained when I saw this today and managed to capture a photo of it..........






 Behold! The truth of the truth is to be revealed! Stay focus and what you see is what you get. The white "rag" on the floor is actually not a rag but it looks like a rag but it is in fact not the rag. The rag is actually not the real rag but a fake rag that looks like a real rag. And lemme present you the miniature Chinese Shih Tzu dog as a rag dog guard taking his ultimate and daring responsibilities to fend any potential danger to the photo shop. His owner must feed him with Popeye's spinach to make this little man a little stronger. And grow bigger and bigger and bigger. But I know he won't. Fuh!




Ken Wooi said...

dog sleeping in front of the door.. haha..
my house has 3 dogs also.. bark bark all the time.. lol.. =P


JoyC said...

Ahhhhh!! But I have a mini-dog too! Jack Russell terrier to be exact. And he's mean when he wants to be that silly thing. It all depends on the dog's personality I guess. Even though he's small, he thinks he's big and tough. Hahaha!

And yes, society's gone all screwy. My aunts and uncles always tell us stories about life 'in the old days'. It's sad, but we have to live with it.

LauraLeia said...

Darn, I wish I had a dog. =(
But seriously, if the authorities actually did their jobs, we wouldn't need all these "taman guards" right?

P/S: That bit of info about Lady Gaga was just... wrong. Plain wrong. =X

JoyC said...

Just remember, when you get one, there's a whole package that comes with it, if you know what I mean. Dogs are like cars. Have to feed them, give them attention, maintenance...

True, but the community have their responsibilities also. My friend's neighbour saw my friend's house being robbed (lives across the street) but didn't do anything until they came back. They just told my friend's parents that they had been robbed.

Ultimate WTH moment. @__@

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