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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Opening Ceremony of Octagon Pavilion Completion at Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang

On December 6th 2009, it was a remarkable and eventful day to most of the Buddhist believers not forgetting many people from around the world. The three-tiered roof pavilion standing at 20-storey high has finally complete after many years of hardship. The pavilion acts as a canopy to shelter the metal bronze Kuan Yin statue which appears breathtakingly beautiful with lights on at night. Never mind if you could not make it to the hilltop because you can witness the amazing statue itself from Farlim and Ayer Itam townships. Whoever is in Penang, do not miss the chance to visit the more than 100-year old religious landmark which made us proud.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony kicks start at 8am on last Sunday but I didn't intend to present at such hour due to the massive jam and hell no, 10 000 people are actually attending this event. So I went at night and guess what? The view is exceptionally beautiful and the Kuan Yin.....it's...it's...it's.......so GIGANTIC. From the hilltop, I managed to view the panoramic view of Penang City which is comparable to the City of Lights. 

The 30.2m high metal bronze Kuan Yin Statue standing tall and BIG!

Another Kuan Yin statue but this time with only the head!

The altar for prayers to be carried out. 

Sweets, fruits, huat kuih, etc are placed around the statue 

Xin chin (Mantra) was carefully etched on the stone. Xin chin is one of the most important mantra for Kuan Yin Pusa

Look how the octagonal pavilion was tastefully and meticulously designed without compromising on its quality 

Off the pavilion, we marched down to a hall joining the monks to pray. In the hall, there is another statue nicely placed in the center hall to allow many devotees to serve their prayers. This statue is Qian Shou Kuan Yin. 

This picture was dated back in 10th November 2009 where a very bright white light was seen moving towards the Qian Shou Kuan Yin. We believe this must be the God.

Colourful lighted rooftop decorated the night sky

Chinese antique furniture with superb craftsmanship are seen filling the empty spots in a garden. The furniture has made an aesthetic success and appeared to be extravagant cause nobody seems to be sitting on them. LOL

Okay.....clearly it is not extravagant at all to some people

Do remember to bring extra cash when you visiting this place because you will be greeted by many donation boxes as well as a number of ad hoc tables selling religious items, flowers and praying paraphernalia.  The purpose of it is to raise fund for the future expansion of the temple.

Without missing them out, the 12 Chinese zodiac animals are making the garden look like Palace of Stone Animals. LOL.

Hey, hey. That's me. That's me. Roar....here comes the cat!

Behold! Don't even think of blinking your eyes when you're about to witness the most spectacular statue

Chrysanthemums are sold at RM10 per bouquet (about 5 stalks). You can placed those flowers in vases provided on the altar table during your prayer. 

Okay....so the next time you come to Penang, do not forget to drop by Kek Lok Si Temple for experience the jaw-dropping ENORMOUS Kuan Yin statue yourself. And of course, do not leave your camera behind!




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