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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ask Yourself. Have You Come Across A Food and Drinks Service Centre?

Always believe what you see. Coz always what you see is what you get. I have heard lots of service centres but this is the first time and I guess last time I am gonna see this. LOL. Car service centre? Check. Customer service centre? Check. Computer service centre? Check. Handphone service centre? Check. Food service centre? UNCHECK.

Obviously I am wrong here cause there is a thing called Food and Drinks Service Centre in reality. Reality check, please. Yes, done! Here is the evidence as depicted in the picture. I figure they might have these services when you are facing some ordeals such as:

1)The next time you have yeast covered breads, don't forget to pay this place a visit. They will meticulously remove all the teeny weeny "friends" on your stuff. 

2) Nowadays people are simple too busy to prepare their own food and drinks. During Cheng Beng and Hungry Ghost Month, please kindly call them to display some food and fruits on the altars. 

3) They are just a call away when your indoor cat stole your fish away. 

4) After you have overcooked your veggies, tell them. They will "fix" and replace with a new "part" for you. 

5) And most of all, lazy people like me will enjoy their service during my chow down time in a seafood restaurant. They put forward the best service to peel (or sometimes de-vein) the shrimps shells and crack the Crustaceans hard-shell with a huge smile on their face.

All the above might sound great but I am clouded with doubts so I refer to Professor Google and he shakes his head showing disagreement. How can? Who wants to crack the crabs shells for me? Tell me, tell me!!!!

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