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Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Second Day At Work and Love Letter, Again, From House Owner

Ever wonder why I always receive love letter from my house owner? Yeah, you're not wrong. I am staying outside alone due to my commitment to work. LOL. But I fail, I fail again not in handling my daily task but my brain cells do not want to switch to alert mode this morning. The refreshing, revitalizing, and rejuvenating morning cool air makes me feel I wanna go for a jog.......in my dream. ZzzzzzZzzzzzz.........Don't disturb me! Shoosh....

So I went to work like a zombie masking in panda eyes and clad in nasi kandar uniform without realising that the unkempt hair never looked better than Guy Sebastion's. Looking at how horrendous I was today, my supervisor gave me an uglier look (uglier than me) cause I was actually sitting on her laps without noticing (Okay....I am kidding. I might break her legs due to her petite size in nature). She's roaring like a tiger threatening to chow down on us and make Motorola sandwiches if me and the other new girl didn't get the laptop from the person in-charged pronto!

Despite all the crazy, maniac day, my house owner is so sweet and lovely that he always 'light' up my gloomy day with his love letters. For some reasons, he likes me so much that every month he will drop me a letter and it will be nicely and proportionately placed in a nenvelope rack where each time when we open the door, you will see it. 

Three oh-so-lovely envelopes for three months. See....I am not wrong when I said he loves me so much. 

Okay so lemme do the reading for you. He says, Miss Kim, oh, Miss Kim. 
Your PBA BILL is RM2.20 for these two months and kindly pay together with your next month rental! Not forgetting your TNB (not Tiu Nia Bu, ok) is RM6 only! Kindly pay together with your next month rental.

WIlliam Shakespears must have committed suicide seeing this.

Pay, pay, pay.
Money, money, money. Always sunny. In a rich man's world. Money, money, money, must be gloomy, in a poor man's world. 

How can. ABBA is saying the same thing.

Hey, hey, boss, ar.....I got like this only......can pay next year ar? Coz Lilian Too says hor next year it's gonna be a financially stable year for me ma. So can ar? I only got like this nia. You mau u can take lo. I eat grass tomolo lo. 


Ken Wooi said...

haha.. pay pay pay..
sighs.. that's life..


Normi said...

I can sense that your houseowner will give u trouble in the future.. submit ur houseowner background detail to Lilian Too if u dont believe me. haha

Unknown said...

haha, i tot u rili received love letters leh~

Henry Lee said...

lol.. ur post is so sarcastically funny

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