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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Next Time You HATE Your Boss, You Can Make A Ghost To Scare Him/Her in Front of Their House. LOL

I dug this out from my e-mail again this morning because I do not have sufficient time to write a lengthy post today. I haven't finish my FINAL PROJECT report for my past internship and the deadline is only a week left. Gosh!

Okay...so here's how....

Go get a roll of steel net coupled with some other necessary items

Try shaping the steel net to appear like a ghostly figure. Depends on your own creativity 

There you go. A ghost look-alike silhouette  is formed

And now you can place this god-awful scary stuff anywhere to scare the people you hate but in this case.......

LOL. It is places in the midst of the jungle. And hell yes, it definitely look like a ghost from afar.

LOL LOL LOL For those who have ample time and have nothing else better to do and at the same time hate or dislike someone, you can try practising this at home and remember do not place in front of my house. It will scare the bejesus out of me because I am a "chicken".


Ken Wooi said...

lol... creative!
but yeah, sked i scare the hell out of myself! =P


Wil C said...

Hmm..that's kinda cool actually..hur hur..

Weird Dan said...

I think i goin to try... WAHAHAHA

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