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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Finally, finally...I've Start Working and Buh-bye To Those Internship Days!!!

Oh well...I couldn't post earlier today as I have officially start working!!! Oh don't open the champagne yet cause it's not a new working place. No...I didn't go for Shell in KL because I am too loyal to Motorola, too loyal that I actually stay in the very same company. If you asked me how's my first day at work? I will tell...nothing is different. Everything is the same and except for the new colleagues and working environment. To be honest, I kinda hate my new working environment. Not to mention I hate the messy and dusty cubicle, I hate missing all my former colleagues. It is just so fun to be around them. Now...it's all about serious matter. And my supervisor is very strict too. LOL. We have to report to work as early as 8am!!! I mean..I am not complaining but it's just so unreasonable cause Motorola is actually practising flexi hour which means all employees have to fullfil 9 working hours. That's it! Ahhh.....popular of being a sleepy head, I cannot wake up at 7am just to make sure I reach the plant at 8am. My gosh! Sheesh!! I needa sleep early tonight to wake up early tomorrow. 

I feel so lonely. All my intern mates have left me behind. Sob sob! I didn't manage to catch a glimpse at them to bid them farewell on the last day. All I have now is memories that we shared, and some joyous moments "struggling" through the solid internship 6 months together. Hey, Shiow Fen and Arnidcha, I wish you guys are here with me. You know we can always chat in IM (Internal Messenger) while we're too stressed or fed up with our daily routine. 

Hey you two! I am gonna miss you guys so so much. Remember to stay in touch ya.

The time we had fun, laughed together, and she bashing up my head! Oh no!

How thoughtful of them. They treat me to lunch on my birthday. And she is so sweet that she wanted to get me a birthday cake even. 

Look who's here. Another cute little lass and also my intern mate. Hey, Nidcha. Look at the menu la. LOL

On the other hand, I have prepared nothing for myself except to pamper myself with those cool sunnies. Hahaha. Naw...don't judge me. I don't own them. I borrow from somewhere.

Happy Belated Birthday to me-self. I remember I didn't wish me-self yet.

Don't mind the fugly hairpin. Was trying to look tidy while at work. LOL.

In a nutshell, my first day at work today wasn't seem interesting and happy cause I am still longing for my friends to come back. But I hope I will get over this god-awful feeling soon and pray hard for them to land themselves a dream job elsewhere. Love you guys.


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