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Monday, November 30, 2009

Transformation of An Ugly Duckling to A Beautiful Swan - Can You Believe It?

Please be patient. What is to be revealed before you eyes might be something disturbing and yet shocking in the end. This attempt...is very dangerous if you are not an expert with the "tools"  and please do not try this at home. Parental guidance is of essential for their children. 3D glasses will not be allocated due to the ugliness to the highest degree. No...I am not saying ugly is an offense to the sense of beauty but it's a crime. It's a crime that most people are inclined in commiting crime, the crime where they start mocking you or saying brutal comments behind you.

Therefore, feeling propelled to do so, she transformed her ugly looks with many complicated steps to appear rather "appealing" to the audience. Be warned. The below pictures might be very disturbing. LOL.

Before battling with her make-up tools:

She has this manly kinda look. If she has short hair, I believe many might have mistakenly call her Uncle/Kor Kor/fillintheblank

And now...she's looking like a diva. Va-va-voom....How she did that? Read along

How she do the tricks.....and magically transform in a few minutes. Hope her mum won't land herself another heart attack to have "wrong" daughter in the house.

Ju-on, Ju-on. Run for your life. Runnnnnnnn..........

The magic circle black lens have instantly give her eyes the omph factor

Apply moisturizer onto her face to retain the water content level to avoid skin dehydration

Cover skin flaw with concealer and foundation thoroughly across the face. There...she looks better now.

Next step, she added fake lashes onto the lashline and apply mascara to volumenize as well as lenghten the lashes

Draw liquid/gel eyeliner along the upper and lower lashline to make her eyes appear bigger. Here's how she achieved her dolly-eyed look

Apply reasonable amount of eyeshadow to add some oh-so-beautiful eyes effect. Smokey eyes might do the magic.

Viola! She's looking pretty and lovely. OMG!

Guys.....are your girlfriends, too? LOL. Pre- and post-make-up can make a huge difference in a person's appearance.

In the club...
Guy 1: Hey, lad. Check up that hot mama shaking her booty on the dance floor. She's looking sizzling hot.
Guy 2: Yeah, man. Woooo......look at her big, round eyes. Oh wait..she's looking in my direction. Should I say Hi?
Guy 1: You're right, man. OMG...she's walking to us. Look at her revealing dress. So sexy. So hot. So delicious. *LOL*
Guy 2: Yeah...we got her at the first glance. Let's have fun with her tonight.
Hot mama: Hey, boys. Do you want to buy me a drink? I am so thristy *sexy tone*. And it's hot in here.
Guy 1 & Guy 2: Owww....here's your tequila shots. We have all ready.

After the nightout, they brought the hot mama back to their hotel and they really had a good time with her. The workers in hotel figured they had so much noise and fun cause they too think "threesome activity" is awesome. But....they are wrong. Because both of the miang guys are found naked and dead. And who killed them? Nobody else was found in the room. Where did she go?

She's Jennifer! She lures them, kisses them, licks them, and eats them. Clean!

ROFL............The end.


Weird Dan said...

Hahaha.. regarding the transformation of that ugly duckling to swan, someone guest blogged before in my blog and posted that. I can't believe it at first too. Darn.... the power of makeup

theeggyolks said...

it's almost unbelieveable! Makeup does makes a different!!

Cynthia Kim said...

LOL. Yeah....so hope u guys gfs don't make up too much too. LOL

dadada said...

she used a special eye trick too they didnt mention, see how her lids had a crease after the 2nd image?

ugly said...

I love how you photoshopped her eyes so big that she looks like a freaking zoombie...

Anonymous said...

no its not Photoshopped she put it contact lenses they make her eye s bigger. :)

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