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Friday, November 13, 2009

They Bullshit Me Not

I still remember vividly that during my time in university, our lecturers were encouraging us to land ourself a good job in one of those multinational companies (MNCs). So much that we did just to obtain generally good CGPA in order to get into a better company as most of the MNCs required fresh graduates with reasonably good results. So we burn the midnight oil, eat less junk food, drink more chicken essence, stop gossiping, start discussing homework and exam topics and I even contribute less time playing with the monkeys from the jungle! Basically, we totally transformed our old, lazy, slacking lifestyle for the sake of our future!!! And the rant goes on and on until.....

recently I got an offer from Motorola (psst...it's MNC, ok, hehe) as an intern only okay. And for the past 6 months, we never get any interesting benefits except for the flexi working hours which means you can come anytime and go back at anytime you want. Everyday I go to work cursing my lecturers for delivering such an adrenaline-pumping speech to make us went so many sleepless nights, skipping my TVB dramas and missing Barney The Purple Dinosour shows. Big company, so what? What also don't have. Lately we just celebrated Motorola Penang 35th Anniversary and free gifts are given to the PERMANENT EMPLOYEES only. Sadly, we go home like sad puppies. Until....we received this email after two weeks saying...

The moment I read the e-mail, I informed all my intern mates to collect the "missed souvenirs" and hence.......we got this!!!!

A mug with digitally printed words and logo

A travel handcarry luggage

Emblazoned with these on the travel handcarry luggage

And lastly but not least *drums playing*

A RM10 birthday voucher as my birthday is on this month. Hehe

As greedy as I may sound, I walked home with a big smile on my face cause it doesn't take a single effort for me to get this. Not that I was required to purchase a product bearing the barcode and send in multiple entries for some crazy competition out there. Fuh!!!!


Techna said...

lol! sounds like fun!!

Cynthia Kim said...

Hahha....totally. You'll never expect for the next to come

Weird Dan said...

hahaha... you know if you want to join MNC during your fresh grad then it's good to get good grades. Other than that, after 1 or 2 years experience, is already easy to enter a MNC company.

For me, I don't even bother going into one yet. Find that I don't learn anything there.

Cynthia Kim said...

Hey Dan, you're right. You couldn't learn much in an MNC but in CMC u can learn more as they are more manual over there. But i will be joining Motorola starting next month. Look see, look see first before go for job hopping

Anonymous said...

it's interesting reading the thoughts from your point of view and i feel sorry for you in having the idea that one doesn't learn much in an MNC. i bet you were just posted to an unfortunate group...

theeggyolks said...

well, the mug looks nice -_-" anyway, congrats on your free voucher!

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