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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Was Fat That My Parents Worried So Much....

Ever since I was a kid, everyone likes to pinch on my face especially my parents' friends. No, not because I was cute or look like Doraemon but I was fat. Yeah, you hear me. I was so fat that I need to wear short pants just like boys to kindergarten because the skirt sizes available were for Victoria Beckham and Megan Fox. The boys short pants were bigger and most importantly stretchable to make way for my big ass. Not to say I looked exactly like Humpty Dumpy but it will surely make a picturesque scene if I sit next to him on the wall and have a great fall together. I used to ask my mum why is my younger sister was skinny like hell and I was fat like hell? Are we embracing ying and yang in terms of weight issue? I was born fat and my sister has to be skinny? Hey..this is unfair. When my mum was boring me, she had a lot of soya bean milk which she purported this is a healthy drink will help me to be fairer. And yes, everything comes in a package, right? Fair and fat. Can I divorce the fat? Yang Gui Fei would have commit suicide if she sees this because being overweight is the most sought-after quality in the ancient times.

Yang Gui Fei's painting - managed to take this shot when I was in Beijing. If being fat is
sought-after quality for today...

In those golden days, the old folks believed once a girl has reached her puberty, she'll eventually transforms from an ugly duckling to beautiful swan. What? Luckily this is not one of those questions aired in once-famous reality show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" or else I am gonna be the next millionaire because the answer is FALSE. Tiu. Go to temple and pray is more effective la. Honestly, I never really worried so much about my figure than my parents who actually have a brief vision that I will not get married one day. Fuh! Siao, man. *heh*

*Be warned. What you about to see is very disturbing. Please leave only an eye opens*

Don't ask me how I do it but miracle just happened. Throughout my 3 years in university, I have eat less, exercise more and gossip more! Haha. Well..I didn't intend to do all of the above but the uni routine was sucks. We were bombarded with countless assignments from Mr. Jacko, Mr. Wacko, and Mrs. Hiaupo. We never had enough time to sleep. We barely have time to revise for our quizzes and exams which means we need chicken essence to perk us up furing wee hours. Our campus bus service was sucks that we need to hire a kereta sapu to campus at bloodsucking fare, RM4 return and only RM1 by bus. And many times, we walked in order to save money from one end to the other. My uni is very big lah. No wonder I have changed almost 12 freaking pairs of shoes for the past 6 semesters. LOL. My mum would have barked me if she knows about this.

Oh well...i know, i know. I am still fat now. I know I should be glad that I am much more smaller now but I have a major problem on my tights. The horrific-looking stretch marks on my tights didn't want to vanish! Help...any advice?



Ken Wooi said...

being chubby is alright.. =)


Cynthia Kim said...

LOL. Being chubby is ugly.

atreyu strange said...

You call that FAT?? Wahh. So terrible everyone around you.

Cynthia Kim said...

Gals..you know. We always think we are fat no matter what. That's what guys hate to listen most of the time. Btw...many ppl still labelled me in the fat category. Oh well...

Weird Dan said...

eh.. not fat k. nice wat, better than those so thin. =_="

Anyway about stretch marks, i used to have a few on my legs, then all gone. Dunno how le. Now I find I am too thin liao. Definitely not nice.

Cynthia Kim said...

Hey Dan. naw..I dun think u're too thin. Hey why I cannot find ur URL in ur profile?

Jard The Great said...

I'm also fat.. ehehe.. maybe due to my big-boned structure? (saja nk sedap hati neh.. ehehe)

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