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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Smart Commercial Photos

My friend sent me this e-mail this morning and it really perks up my day. Just wanna share with you guys here.Scroll down for the rest.

LOL. The next time, we can see all the pillows and mattresses were made from bread.

You don't need deodorant, eh?

OMG! Mummy, there is an E.T. clad in uniform!

If my flashlight can do that, it would have been long gone in ashes

Whoa! The US army should use this high-zooming gadget to track Osama

I particularly like this. So much.

Hot & Spicy Pringles, anyone?

LOL. Should have shown those graveyard from MJ's Thriller. It's scarier and real so smokers are seriously warned

Move skinny. I must jump now or I will be going to die!

No, please ask the jet to fly higher!


żħї~qїňg said...

ouch.. to the last one..

Anonymous said...

The best is for U.S..MADE IN CHINA...Its so true.hahaha

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