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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Are you itchy?

As funny as it's spelling error, did I tell you Bangkok mentions that Bangkokmention welcomes all uncles, ah bengs, ah kau, ah ngiau, ah seng, chiko pek, lelaki miang, and lelaki gatal to visit this very amazing 'mansion'? Okay wait.....this is a prostituition house at Dannok, Thai border. I was supposed to hunt for some food to fill my empty stomach and I took the wrong  turn into a small area surrounded by clusters of mentions..ooppps....i mean mansions.

So do not forget to pay this so-called man-si-yon a visit when your itch started to kick off. Hehe. I am always wondering if this is a mansion, how would the bungalow look like? Perhaps their version of bungalow is like this?

Okay...I am not trying to run them down with this is really hilarious. Now I am thinking I want to regard my house as a semi-detached as I am staying in an apartment only. Muahahhaa


theeggyolks said...

LoL! I guess their "mention" means "men & prostitution" haha!!

Cynthia Kim said...

Whoa...thats really creative of u there. Hahah

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