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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mini Belated Birthday Celebration and A Get-Together. Tired of Posing and Smiling in Front of the Lens

OMG! I cannot bear with the scorching sun out there so I made a quick escape from the mall and back to home, updating my blog and Facebook as well. After this short posting, I am gonna go for slumber.

In fact, last Sunday my friends wanna organise a mini birthday celebration for November babies but it was my fault that I couldn't make it then. So the event was postponed to today, 28 November 2009 which falls on Saturday and we made it really small and simple without causing a damage to or pocket. Hehe. Hence, the get-together was held in Kopitiam Junction, Sunway Carnival Mall at 1pm but again, I was late. I reached about 1.45pm with my "angry" friends staring fiercely at me. LOL.

The peepz - Sam, Deanna, and Christine (they say hi to everybody)

Smiling happily with my lepak-mate since high school and she's a medical student in UM now. Interested? LOL

Added in another cute lass - Sam who is witty, funny, and what can I say. Adorable! 

Don't judge the size. It might be mini but once putting it in you mouth, it's forever on your hips! So sinful yet delightful. Feel tempted? Get one for yourself at your nearest Bread History bakery house and hunt for Opera Mini Cake

One, two, three and make a wish. "Dear God, I always wish for something decent and moderate from you most of the time, and everytime, right? You know that. Erm....I wanna wish for RM1mil to be transferred to my account later, say at 6pm ya. Thanks, God. I love you." Lemme check if it's already been deposited or not later. 

Sorry, kinda blur. Lemme introduce the petite and yet demure little princess behind us, Christina. Love you so much, gal! Thanks for coming

Kissing the strawberry now. NOT!

Eventually, the delectable and yet heavenly toothsome cake has been "brutally" rape by us. Oh my...she's so naked now (without the side wrapping)

LOL.....can we just leave the straw-bel-li alone, ar?

Done with the food, we are out for a shopping spree. No la. Just thought of posing with a Christmas tree will make us look more in and happening. LOL. WTH....Christmas is around the corner. 

Taller than 150cm? Haha. Of course cause I stand at 163cm. But still I am shorter than my younger sis who is now 170cm tall. Fuh!

Yes, I know. The Xmas tree is inferiors to the other shopping malls but still......I can never stop posing. LOL. 

See that joyous smile? Hahaha. I am contented and glad that I have really really good friends and they really make my life wonderful and never fails to decorate my dull life.

P/S: Hey BFFs, thank you so much for today


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