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Thursday, November 26, 2009

No Pain, No Gain - Funny but True

Okay....yesterday I have posted something rather saddening but finally he made that call. Thanks to those who care about me and for that I'm gonna post something entertaining here today. No la....actually my friend sent me via e-mail and I wish to share it out here. LOL.

5 people carrying the cross to somewhere.....dunno where

Zooming to only one guy.....his face shows that he's going to faint

And now he's talking to Jesus before he's going to faint

And Jesus granted his wish to make the cross shorter literally

Now that it's shorter, it's lighter. His face shows that he's happy to have shorter cross than anyone

Continue the dunno-where journey and can you see the shorter cross behind there?

Such a lazy bum. He misused the purpose of the knife/copper or whatever you call it. Whoever who invented it would have commited suicide if he sees this

There he goes. Making the cross even shorter. Not short enough, meh?

Jesus is being so kind to him

But not so kind.....

When he is about to....

 Awww....the cross should feel intimidated now that he's 'short' and thanks to the lazy master

OMG! The lazy bum cannot cross over to the side. LOL. Your cross is too short la

Hahaha. This is really funny but yet meaningful. No pain, no gain. A person cannot be successful over one night but he has to endure much pain to be at the top. Pain is samsara (Sanskrit) in Buddha's teachings which perceived that there is no perceptible beginning and ending. As long as a person is still breathing, he has to face never ending pain depending on the degree of suffering.


DanielCtw.com said...

The cross actually depicts burden/pain where one should carry.

Got this in my email long time ago.

Anonymous said...

I got another message here. That person should saw the horizontal plank instead of the vertical one. He would have gained with no pain. I think he has done all he could. There would be no gain, no pain if he fainted. At least he got that far. You would never know what accident might be encountered.

The second issue, but also the main one is that these people have no idea what they are doing. They don't know why they are carrying the cross and know not where they are leading to. That is the pain in itself. Would you be carrying the planks around in case of any gap? I bet you wouldn't.

By the way what if the gap were to be much wider??

In my humple opinion the statement does not fit in the story.

Anonymous said...

I am actually Aaron here. Sorry. I am not familiar with the new application format. Anyway I'd like to elaborate the second paragraph of my previous post.

"That is the pain in itself. But the pain without any legitimate purpose. The pain for implausible reason. It's like spraying yourself with pesticides in case of any bug bite."

Anonymous said...

Mmm I should withdraw my pesticides analogy. I can't think of anymore idiotic metaphor to replace the cross carrying analogy. Or maybe this "carrying condoms with me in case my child nees a balloon?" But there is no "in case" in the cross carrying analogy as no body knows why they are carrying the cross and where they are going. Doing things which might be no value. If the cross is intended to be a bridge then why not just build a bridge then they should be told. I am sure that poor guy wouldn't want to be left behind.

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