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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our 7-Eleven Inferiors To Theirs

When the last time I heard 7-Eleven (7-E) will be opening soon in front of my house, I was so excited (I was a little girl, ma) because I can secretly buy all the knick knack without my parents  concern. Finally the store is opened and starts operating 24 hours daily. Each time after school, I marched down the road to stop by the store to get some sweets, chocolates, and junk foods for my lunch. LOL. No la. As tidbits when I am watching Barney and friends on the tube. All these are meant to hide in my secret hideout since my parents hate me chowing down on these unhealthy sneaks. And each time, I have hard time having to eat Twisties hidden in the drawer only with a small slit for my tiny fingers to go in. Very pain, ok.  But for the sake of my greedy mouth, I am fine with it. That was why you can see me sitting behind the desk "studying" be it day or night as if I am so hardworking. Hehe. Ever since 7-E has opened, my life has transformed into a better one and I am never bored when my parents were away for work everyday. 7-E was my best friend, amusement park, bookstore, and cafeteria then that the staffs will never failed to welcome me with red carpet at the same time everday, not. LOL. And again, I launched another secret hideout for my lovely new found companions, The Shin Chan comics and Galaxie magazines. I covered them with a stack of pajamas so that my parents couldn't find them because we are not allowed to read those comics at home. Sad enough, my best friends can only come out and play when my parents weren't at home. Hehe. 

Without any shadow of doubts, I still consider 7-E is my best friend and convenient store to everybody until I went to Thailand, and I was astounded with variety of choices  they managed to pack into a small convenient store. Thank God they never had the same concept in Malaysia or else I will be declared bankrupt when I was only 14 years old. Haha

 7-Eleven in Thailand

This is not a record store. Still the same 7-Eleven

Looks like our local bookstore? Of course, not. Still in the same store.

Oh, come on. We only have these in hypermarkets. They must be joking. 

Scanning through. Argh...not Starbucks or Coffee Bean? Right, this is 7-bucks coffee. LOL. By the way, I was reprimanded for taking photos in the store. Nice!

There were lots more that I didn't manage to show you here like the burger corner where you can make you own burgers, pick your own sizzling hot sausages from the oven, and select your own favourite flavour from the ice-cream maker. Gawd! Go in as a hungry ghost, come out as a tummy-filled soul. I feel a little intimated and inferior with our local convenient store which isn't much convenient at all if I were to make comparison here.