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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

9-Day Glorious China Trip - Part 3

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Day 5 (1st December 2008)
Already the 5th day in China, my taste buds didn't seem to like the exotic taste of China food. Not quite to my liking but I can tell most of my friends were not able to get used to the odd taste. Practically, we have almost the same thing every morning that was plain porridge coupled with prickles which were so darn salty that most doctors will blame them for hypertension. Yucks! Sometimes if we were lucky enough, they will provide us mantou for brekkie. This...yucks as well but better than the prickles! My eyelashes seem so little now!!!!

My Hungarian friend seemed to get thinner cause he just cannot chow down on this Chinese food

And our next destination was The Great Wall of China and the journey from our hotel to this historical place took us about an hour or two. It is purported that the wall can be seen from the space with orbit satellite. We were greeted by somewhat gigantic digital thermometer which reads 5 degree Celcius at the time. It was so freaking cold out there that I need to dig a hole to hide. My so-called winter coat cannot withstand the extreme weather in the rocky mountain area. Can someone please ask the wind to stop blowing? It's too cold here.

So who is that ugly looking fella there? Yeah, that's me! LOL

So you tell me the distance is short but you're wrong. I need more than 30 mins to reach that peak. When I was almost there, I am as good as a dead. Look at the lady in pink. I bet she's a local. How can she withstand the climate with just a jacket? Jesus!

Shhh!! Do not distract me. I need to focus or else I will be rolling down the flight of stairs like a pumpkin.

Yooo hooo....i have conquered the peak. No la....still very far to go but I will put this mission to a halt before I lose a pair of my legs.

I didn't overexert though to push myself further to the end point. I felt like I was torturing my legs despite I rolled reached the bottom unhurt and was still in a good-shape to enjoy the hot steamy coffee. Then we headed to the nearest town for lunch. What's for lunch? Steamboat! Nice!

See all the hungry soldiers from The Great Wall are capable off? Nothing left.

Next, we travelled a few kilometres more to Yiheyuan (Summer Palace), the largest royal park in China and most noted classic garden in the world. In this garden, seated two marvelous places which are the Kunming Lake and The Longevity Hill. According to the tourist guide, this palace was served as platform for the emporers and family to rest and entertainment. Here, you can see the world most magnificent craftwork using fine materials and unique scenic views.

Saw the girl in the blue? Yeah, that's me syok sendiri even though the climate was untolerable.

The distinctive construction along the corridor

Behold! Nothing can compare the tranquility and serenity at Kunming Lake

We were warned by the tourist guide of buying food from the street because there were cases where many people suffered from food poisoning due to lack of hygienic issue. The food may look tempting, smell good, and pocket-friendly but most of Chinaman do not have eye on quality. Nothing is unethical to them as long as it will generate profit and the product is fast-selling.

Later in the evening, we were literally "transport" to one of the park in Beijing. After a long day of walk, we were all lethargic and cold. At this kind of untolerable weather, I would be glad enough to pamper myself sipping hot chocolate, kangkang-ing on the sofa, watching Pokemon or do chanel surfing.

Lackadaisical effort - writing..

Bravo! How the senior citizens past time in the park - singing

Aunty, please don't get yourself tangled in the ribbon

The tai-tais: Wooo hooo.....if you have it, you flaunt it. LOL.

The ah peks: Hey, I can see that. Don't try to cheat in this game. We are watching you

The rest...to be continued. I think I need to go at the bullet train speed in the next blog. China is extremely big. Stay tuned for Part 4.


Ken Wooi said...

great wall of china!
haha.. tai tai and ah peks.. =P


Cynthia Kim said...

LOL. Ken, u shld go one day. And u will be amazed by the place. Honestly. But please do not go drg winter time. Shit cold

theeggyolks said...

it looks really really cold! those hungry soldier really "geng"! haha! left soup only!!

Kimura said...

Wow,the Great wall of China
hope I can been there

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