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Sunday, November 29, 2009

If You Are A Prude, Please Do Not Read British Newspaper

Another sunny lazy Sunday and I am going out for 2012 movie again. For the second time but this time I am doing it with my parents. But before I am out, I wanna share something that will kick your funny bones literally with my readers forgetting the hunger pangs I am on now. Thanks, Mr Lawrence for sending me this 'beautiful' insights. LOL. I never have had a chance to come across any British newspaper except those on the screens but they are not as entertaining, bold, and blunt as THIS. Read on for more views...

In another words, he might have gigantic bollocks. LOL

It seems with the miracle drug like Viagra can never act as a catalyst in heart wrenching case

The next time I found someone orgasmn or reaching climax beside me in the mall, I'd totally assume she's wearing a vibrating panties. Ewww...

Where passion turn into lesson. Do not "multitask" in your kitchen if you don't want your willy dilly to be injured. LOL.
If these news were reported on our daily newspaper, many citizens will be reported choked to death while having brekkie (reading paper on breakfast table), new name will be given to newspaper which is also a new modern era porn-paper, more wives will forbid their husbands to even gaze at the newspaper, and we won't be able to see newspaper wrapping on our mee goreng from the mamak anymore.
Alright, alright. I google it out again. Malaysia also got this kind of news wat. See...but not as entertainig as the British dailies. Anybody can FedEx to me? Anyone?