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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Malaysian Drivers, lar!!!

Everyone wants a car,
Because our public transportation veli char,
But when everyone has a car,
Traffic jam everyday and everywhere lar.

When want to tukar lane,
Signal also tarak put,
Suka-suka main jump other lane,
Other drivers also got terkejut,
Lin lau hia eh, we need cepat cepat brake leh.

When on Sunday,
Everyone mau go shopping,
But want to save money on parking valet,
Car cincai put at orang cacat parking.

When jam here, jam there time,
You will get to see Mr.No Brain,
A hero who is so kind,
Try to save the day using emergency lane.

Malaysian drivers lah,
Always complain other drivers no follow law,
When sendiri see teh tarik and smell nasi kandaq,
Almost forget their car already in "no parking" lot.

I suspect Malaysian drivers go hin kong,
Red light din jalan they honk long long,
Green light jalan they fast fast potong,
Then when almost mau long (langgar),
They break and again honk long long,
And stare at us like Agong
And they will maki us song song,
Who we are lar, of coz Malaysian drivers lar, dong!!!


Mr.J said...

walaooo eh...


hcvvorld of Travels, Lifestyle and Photography said...

wauu..u very creative lar..vry good!

Cynthia Kim said...

Hahaha... Thanks guys. Nothing to do in the office ma.

Mr.J said...

ooo .. nothing to do .. find thing to do .. haha.. ni hau ma.. shei fan liao?

Cynthia Kim said...

Haha. Going for lunch later. Got things to do but snake a while la. Haha.

~**ChrissieIce**~ said...

lol..im seriously loving ur blog babe

Cynthia Kim said...

Oh god! Chris, where have u been? Totally lost contact with u. Hope u're doing just fine. Hehe. Got time we go lepak again. Thanks for the support.

Unknown said...

Love the Song =]

Cynthia Kim said...

Hey Jim. Thanks a lot but it's not a song. It's supposed to be a poem. I cincai wrote that. Haha. Not rhyming.

Kennee said...

Why you dang your ownself la??? Anyways nanged you la... and also kissed ya ads... XD

Cynthia Kim said...

Haha. Kennee....I didn't know I can dang myself. Haha. Thanks for the clicks. Serious....

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