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Friday, November 6, 2009

Why "Holy" Kamasutra???

If you considered yourself as open-minded, you are most welcome but if you are not......I do not forbid but discourage.

Okay, allow me to explain what Kamasutra is all about. It is an ancient Sanskrit text giving rules for sensuous and sensual pleasure to partners as well as love and marriage in accordance with Hindu law. Most of the classic mistakes people offend that Kamasutra is a pornography material emphasizing on sex positions, explicit illustrations, and etc.

Why "Holy" Kamasutra you may ask? Read along:

Reason 1: You will always stay awake reading/ fantasizing/ imagining yourself as the man/woman in the illustrations.

Reason 2: Men can say "bye-bye" to his good friend named Viagra because he has found a new friend by the name of Kamasutra. How magical!

Reason 3: Prostitutes can level up their skills and make more money by practising the yoga-like positions. So do not sulk when they make more money than you.

Reason 4: Divorce cases will decrease if the teachings of Hindu law is abide. Lawyers may have lesser case to handle.

Reason 5: An ideal gift for everyone be it your colleagues, friends, bed buddies, and family members.

Reason 6: Perfect book to be placed by the bedside in case it will come in handy for him or for her.

Reason 7: Men, knock some senses in their heads. Do not imagine yourself sleeping with a NUN.

Reason 8: Women will bathe more often than usual as men hate women with bad smell (as purported in the original Kamasutra). Is that true? Well..you be your own judge.

But do be mean like this guy over here.

Reason 9:  You shouldn't involve in incest or any sexual relation with your near relationship (family members).
Reason 10: Yoga classes will receive extremely positive feedbacks with the escalating numbers of new registered members.


Reason 11: Everybody has the potential to be a porn star if they master the yoga-like positions from Kamasutra.


Reason 12: Women Aid Organization (WAO) will 'chap lap' because men respect women and domestic violence is zero, sexual harassment, molestation, and manipulation.

Reason 13: Recipe books are replaced with Kamasutra as it teaches how wives should cook for their husbands (as purported in the original Kamasutra).

Reason 14: Gays and lesbians will be extinct. They realise butt hole or dildo are no longer interesting.

Reason 15: Kids started to learn the theory of the "birds and bees " early (maybe even before puberty) if their textbooks are replaced with this "Holy Grail" in schools.

Reason 16: Parents wouldn't need to spend time cracking heads thinking of how to give sex education to children.

Reason 17: Men and women are equally satisfied with their partner's bed performance (as they know where to stimulate).

Reason 18: Paris Hilton will forever and only be Paris Hilton because everybody scores an equal chance of being Paris Hilton (watch video "A Night in Paris").

Reason 19: Adultery and infidelity are at its minimum keeping sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) at bay.


Reason 20: Those who do not have partners, do not fret. Master Yoga will educate you well enough (self-stimulating) to do this:



I guess her face should be away from us. Wrong direction.




Oh please advise him to make a little more effort to tilt his head.


-The purported reasons here are fictional and for entertainment purpose only
-Further non-fiction details can be googled using the keyword "Kamasutra or Kama Sutra"