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Sunday, November 22, 2009

9-Day Glorious China Trip - Part 4

Resume Trip to China post

Day 6 (2nd December 2008)

Just wanna do a brief update on China trip here. So hope that picture tells a thousand words. LOL

So finally we are here visiting the Embassy of Malaysia. The people who actually work for the embassy welcomed us with big smiles plastered on their faces. LOL. 

Making an entrance into the spacious building which looks so similar when placed next to Putrajaya.

Interior - typical Malaysia design. Looks like some kind of court. 

Okay....fugly, fugly, fugly

After finish with our business in the embassy, it's high time for us to leave for Tianjin. It took about 2 to 3 hours ride to reach Tianjin. The bus driver is a psycho I would say. He drove in the emergency lane to cut short the travelling duration! Siao....

Tianjin University 

 Our Malaysia hostels should feel inferior to China varsities hostels. Nice!

Mirror check. Okay...I am not living in Lady Gaga's body. Just that I am not used to being welcome by swarm of people even before I managed to make an exit from the bus - not limousine.

By the standard of the design you see here, you will not think twice if people told you that student from this university designed The Olympic Stadium, The Bird Nest.

China long-existed artwork - paper cutting. It is used to decorate doors and windows and become more popular during the festive seasons.

She is cute, ain't it? And she's only 20 years old pursuing her master's degree already! Malaysia students are so pathetic. We are 22 and still haven't complete our degree yet.

Beautiful view of the lake but I remembered I saw a few ducks a moment ago. Perhaps they wanna hide away from my lens.

I am so in love with the guy standing next to me. No, he's not Edison Chen if you thought he is. They look so alike! Btw, he is the Deputy Chairman of Student Council in Tianjian University

Welcoming delegates from UUM (us) 


Nankai University

I can lie to my friends using this picture already. Weeee....I was graduated from Harvard University

Entrance of Nankai University. We gathered in front of the main entrance to wait for the arrival of the tourist bus

It's only 5pm and the sky turns dark and the coldness of the weather is uncompromisable

Continue the next post tomorrow. Another lackadaisical posting tomorrow.