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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Of financial woes

Money is the root of all evil as the old sayings goes. But do people really care? Do you care? Do I care? Damn!!!! WE DO NOT CARE. The reason why money is so crucial to us is because the the house prices are going down, forever surging energy prices, volatile gas prices, grocery bills are going up and even entrance to public toilets is not CHEAP (30sen charged) these days. Some people purported money is not important and be contented with what we possessed but will your landlord, bank if you have loans, milkman, newspaper vendor, and stomach think money is not of great magnitude? Everything comes with a significant symbol on it or better known the dollar sign, $$$$$$.  You will know what I mean when you see:


Want to find hookers also must see the prices, ah! Why ah, Russian girls are more expensive than the rest? Perhaps they can moan loudly like those amplifiers or their racks are surprisingly bigger than Pam Anderson, lah!!!


Even a urine free toilet needs to pay before you can go poo-poo or she-she but in this case, I don't think one will be able to answer the nature call cause the sign TELLS! It's screaming URINE FREE across the front entrance. I think they would allow you to go in if your only intention is to wash hands or butts.


Citizens may live in darkness or with little lights on so that when the energy bills come, it will put a broad smile on their face.

And this!!!!

See lotsa "bank" notes??? See money??? No, you're wrong coz you're looking at the hell notes. Even deads cannot escape themselves from the curse of  "evil devil money" because....maybe, just maybe, they need money to pay for all the above! Whereas, living persons cannot make any exceptions but to "exchange" the real bank notes for hell notes.

But not this. I'm loving this!

The price list here is very misleading which makes me thought of having 20 pieces of roti canai (RM2), 10 glasses of teh tarik (RM1) and better more, 5 plates of nasi kandar (RM1). Oh...I am loving the price I have to pay for this sumptuous meal. Aww...it's only a mere RM4!!!!!!! This mamak shop  must be owned by Ananda Krishnan in support of Poverty Assistance Programme.


With the forever price hiking scenario every year, I personally think a 9-to-5 job salary would not likely be enough in a few years to come. Again, as the old sayings go "save money for a rainy day" and "guard against trouble" reminds me of contigency plan. Hence, I wish writing would generate some income to me soon.

*crossing my fingers* but please.....not the Bush's way.

P/S: All images depicted are copied from www.google.com.my. I do not own these images and no copyrighting intended.



Lee Wei-Jhun said...

Is it true that Money is the root of all evil? That statement is somewhat equivalent to saying rocks are root of all evil. Money doesn't tell us what to do with it. It's us who decide what to do with the money. It's like when you see a rock on the ground you can use it for good or evil. It doesn't tell you to smash it against someone's head.

cynthiakay said...

Whoa....that's really 'chim'. Okay....if money is not the root of all evil then why we have robbery, snatch theft, drug trafficking, child prostituition, women manipulation, and so forth. People won't be doing this for no reasons. They are after the dollar bills.

Lee Wei-Jhun said...

People fight for resources. And the resources are procured for security. And securtity can be long-termed or short-termed. We should really look into the root cause before we accuse something innert for our own actions.

Lee Wei-Jhun said...

Yes. People do things for a reason if not 2 or more. If you really look into it in a more profound manner the more accurate statement would be "security is the root of all evil."

Cynthia Kay said...

You will have your security if you have money. Without that, how can people survive and feel secure? Why US attacks Iraq? Why war? Yes...you're right when you mentioned resources but what is the value of resources? Money. And most of the time money is associated with power. This comes in a package. Why do people want power? Because they can make use of the power to get what they want. So in the nutshell, money is the root of all evil.

Lee Wei-Jhun said...

"You will have your security if you have money."
Correct. So does that not mean that for security you would do whatever it takes, even if it means to kill for it?

"Why US attacks Iraq? Why war?"
Do you really think that wars happen because of money? or is it because of what they want with the money? Do you think that the robbers keep the money for collection or do you think they use the money for what they really want? If they are using the money for what they really want, probably women or "euphoria" from drugs, then do you not think that it's those reasons they are robbing for? And those are the roots of all evil?

Lee Wei-Jhun said...

Money just makes it easy for you to get want you want. Without it, you still want what you want even if it means war.

Lee Wei-Jhun said...

Let me put it in a simpler way. We fight not for the money but rather what money can get us. Do you think that there was no evil when barter system was still implemented?

don hunn said...

I think,
1) freedom is the root of evil, not money, or security.

2) US (the free country) used to value money with gold, but what did they do when china bought more gold than them?

3) why did the free country advocated more freedom, human rights, advertising, western education, western medicine?

4) what are the implications/consequences of their short term actions for the past three generations?

5) there is some truth in saying money causes evil due to the trickling effect of economic policies around the world. but ultimately it is certainly the failure of humankind in deciding the right education for their future generations.

Lee Wei-Jhun said...

Freedom is evil? Could it be more evil than totalitarianism. If a country practices totalitarianism whereby you have to obey every nonsensical laws established and any offence or protest against them will lead to prosecution would you have a better life?

cynthiakay said...

with you too. Haha. Peace.

cynthiakay said...

Agree with u...and...

Lee Wei-Jhun said...

I support freedom, and freedom of speech is what we should have so long as your right and mine are concerned. We need to speak out and voice out for the better of our next generation.

ak said...

there is no place for freedom of speech when one cannot even distinguish between whats right and whats wrong. until true education brings back human values, future generations will move contrary to any advancement. totalitatarianism is just as equal to democracy. one thinks one actually has a choice in the face of todays world, again, what choices have they actually made for the better of the next generation.

Lee Wei-Jhun said...

There is freedom of speech whether or not one has any conscience. One is allowed to express whatever one likes so long as it's not a hate speech. You are now using the freedom of speech to say whatever you want. And I have the freedom of speech to counter any flaw I encounter in yours and you may do the same in mine.

And guess what? Some of the people especially the extremists utilizes the freedom of speech against the freedom of speech. And if this allows in Malaysia, you might be wearing a headscraf now. And if born in Iraq, you would have to wear the burka or be stoned to death.

don hunn said...

i suppose you always deviate fr main points because you look so closely in finding flaws in anyone's statement. perhaps you think freedom of speech if allowing would cause castration if you're born in Arab for raping and would have to stay at home caring for children in Kelantan. anyway, i was just stating my point of views based on historic evolution of thoughts. of course you still have the right of speech even when you dont know wth you're talking about. haha....the western and eastern has too many differences. and we are one of them.

Lee Wei-Jhun said...

There's nothing wrong with searching for flaws. And I don't see how I have deviated from the point. And I do not think that the freedom of speech would cause castration. But what I think is freedom of speech could allow change for a better society.

I may not know what you're talking about, that doesn't mean that you don't know what you're talking about and vice versa. I don't know if knowledge should be categorise into western and eastern. Are mathematics eastern or western? Is geography eastern of western? Even if there's such a distinction, so what? Is it wrong for an Asian to use western methods of doing things even if they prove to make improvement and enhancement?

Lee Wei-Jhun said...

//there is no place for freedom of speech when one cannot even distinguish between whats right and whats wrong. //

I am not deliberately searching for flaws. But sometimes some things need further justification or clarification. I don't know what you mean by the statement above. You may know what it means. If able I would like to know why there is no freedom of speech if one doesn't know the rights from wrongs. Do you not know the rights from wrongs? If you do, does that make you possess the freedom of speech? Am I deviating from your point with those questions?

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