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Monday, November 16, 2009

Erotic Poem

With the touch of wet skin and slippery,
The hint of wetness will never dry.
Battling under the sheer sheet,
Leaving the cool breeze fanning from the windows.

I reach out my trembling hand to touch her face,
Our eyes met briefly and begged for the chance.
She looked at me as if we are drawing sex,
As she growled louder and stronger each time.

I grabbed her in various positions,
She answered with her soft moan.
Our slow consistent rhythm gave way,
To demanding thrusts of satisfaction.

Hearing her crying for mercy,
It made me feel stronger.
I released my control in her,
We both moaned in satisfaction.

Finally she sat silently on the silky soft bed,
As I admired her sexy curve.
I caressed her body slowly,
To make sure she is dry.

What were you thinking? I was trying to dry my cat after bathing.


Ken Wooi said...

lol.. nice one.. =P


Wil C said...

U used ur meow meow! lols... =P

Cynthia Kim said...

Willy C..what meow meow? Cis...

Wil C said...

The poor cat...i tot cats don't bath..lol lol lol..

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