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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Something Really Brief About Myself

I decided to share something about myself here in really a short and sweet manner. There isn't exactly much I can elaborate myself in words but let the pictures do the talking. A picture is worth a thousand words. People who do not know me or wanna know something brief about me, scroll down. Hehe. It might be boring as boring as the pictures.

My family

My Beau

And of course.....The Prince of the House, Mr. Fluffy  

My "Chi Mui" 

My Varsity Mates

These people have really meant a lot to me and they have changed my life for better. They are the people who give me strength when I was weak, hold me through during the toughest time, be there for me when I was down. Life would be empty and colourless because they filled my life with joyness and decorate my life with colours.

*Some of the important people are not in the photos and also I might have left them out without my knowledge*

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